Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NYLF Summer 2013 Nomination

As some of you may know, my oldest daughter was nominated for a summer program and attended this past July in Los Angeles, California.  NYLF stands for National Youth Leadership Forum, and the program offers forums on just a few select disciplines - medicine (my daughter's choice), Law & CSI, and National Security.  

These forums offer students the chance to learn about the three disciplines in depth and prepares them for academic achievement and future successful professional careers by way of oustanding field trips, in-class lessons, lectures and guest speakers - all while providing emphasis on leadership.  It is an excellent opportunity for students to participate in this program, as it is quite the learning experience.

While at the Good Samaritan Hospital, my daughter observed a total knee replacement surgery! 

Students stayed in the dorms at De Neve Plaza, University of California, LA. 
 The Evergreen Dorm is where all the female students stayed.
Here is the plaza (cafeteria is located where this picture was taken) and photos of the food that was served.

Students had to dissect a sheep's brain at the forum.
A field trip to University of California, Riverside.

She learned quite a bit during this trip, and she's eager to attend again, with hopes of attending the San Francisco session.  We just received the paperwork for her nomination for Summer 2013!  

This means that she is beginning her fundraising right NOW!!!  So, be on the lookout for special listings in our Etsy shop, with proceeds going directly to a pool of money for this specific trip. 

What do you think of the NYLF trip?  Do you want to learn more about the organization? CLICK HERE for more info!


Mohala Johnson said...

How neat! Looks like a great learning and fun thing to experience glad your daughter got to go.

elise thomas said...

What an honor for your daughter to be nominated! The programs sounds really cool.

testingremedies said...

What a nice program! Especially being able to witness a knee replacement surgery! I got to dissect a sheep's brain in high school... Very cool!

Kim Y said...

What an amazing opportunity! I am a registered nurse and would have been so interested in something like this when I was in school!


Hi, Im Kelly! said...

Thats awesome and such a great learnign exsperience. She is a lucky lady!

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

congrats for her...what a great opportunity. but did you have to show the sheeps brain right after the food? ugh. hahaha

Rose said...

This sounds like a great opportunity! How neat that she may be able to attend another session next year.

Dita Maulani said...

Congratulation for her! What a great opportunity! :)
Very nice to visit your blog again. Gonna check more often!



Unifyhandmade said...

That is so awesome! You must be so proud of your daughter :-D

Additionsstyle said...

Sounds like it was an amazing experience for your daughter! How fantastic she will be able to attend again next year.
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