Thursday, October 4, 2012

Over the Moon

Our most recent giveaway from our shop ended September 16th with the winner announced, Paula W., from Canada.

Well, we were OVER THE MOON to receive an email from her recently, as she wanted to let us know that she received her prize!

This is what Paula won:
A Genuine Swarovski Crystal Moon Prism

Here is her email, dated September 27th:

"My sun catcher arrived today! I hadn't expected air mail. I have it in my kitchen window facing east. If I leave it there I need to add longer chain in order to catch the winter sun. It is gorgeous and the half moon is bigger than I expected.
It was very well packaged with the bubble wrap to protect it during shipping and the pretty pink mesh bag, green ribbon, box and bubble wrap around the crystal moon itself."
It just made my day that she was happy with her prize!  What's more, I had just sent the package to her on the previous Friday, September the 21st.  It arrived very quickly...Much quicker than some of the other mail I have shipped out to Canada.  I was impressed that it arrived so quickly, but I was more pleased that Paula was happy with her prize.  =) 
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Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again real soon! 


Mohala Johnson said...

What a great prize and always nice to hear about another happy customer.

SleightGirl said...

Beautiful prize! And the sunrise is always best to show off crystals I think.

Melissa at said...

So sweet that she was so happy (and such a beautiful prize!)!