Monday, October 15, 2012

PackIt Product Review - Buy & Try

Ever heard of a little thing called PackIt?  

Well, my boys had seen them at school and then told me about them.  They're lunch packs that have the ice packs built right into the bag.  It's not just insulated, it's the ice pack itself!  

You don't need to pack the ice packs in with the lunch anymore, you just PackIt as the name suggests with the foods you want, and it will stay "refrigerator fresh for up to 10 hours."  Yep, that's what it claims.  Because with the PackIt lunch pack, you fold it up and put it in the freezer.  When you're ready to pack your lunch, just grab it from the freezer, unfold and put all your favorite foods inside.

Sounds good, right? That's what I thought!  So I looked up the PackIt online.  On the PackIt website they are offering a BOGO offer.  Buy one, get one free, plus a couple of extras (their freebie offer of some storage containers).  But for this offer, you are limited to color choices.  The colors that my boys wanted were not offered, so I went to Amazon where we found a wider selection of colors and patterns. 

First off, I ordered the PackIts on a Saturday, and they arrived on the next Monday.  How is that for fast shipping?  I was surprised.  And the boys were excited to use their new PackIts for school the next day.  

We packed sandwiches, grapes, baby carrots, juice boxes, and applesauce cups.  

Click on image above to go to amazon for this print!

When the boys got home from school, we discussed their new PackIts.  Here's the total review:

1.  They were both in agreement that their food stayed really cold, colder than with their usual lunch packs.  

2.  The PackIt lunch packs are heavier than normal, but that's because of the built-in ice pack system that it uses (so the boys didn't mind the extra heaviness).  I thought for sure my younger boy was going to complain, but he didn't!  So with this built-in cooling system, we CAN actually save money as the maker suggests, because we can pack some of their favorite foods (like yogurt) and know that it will still be cold when it's lunch time.

3.  The PackIts are also larger than their old lunch packs, so we can pack much more in them without squishing things, which is nice.  Although, it does make it a little harder to put into their backpacks.  

4.  As for the "up to 10 hours" claim...We're not sure, because the school day isn't that long!  But these lunch packs work great for the time frame that we need them for.  When they get home from school, I can still feel the walls of the pack a little chilly, so I know it can last a little bit longer.  For now, though, we know for a fact that it does last at least 7 hours (and I think that's great).  

5.  They both loved the print patterns that they chose, so that's a plus for for having a great selection to choose from on their website.

6.  PRICE - An awesome reader (Debbi from YankeeBurrowCreations) reminded me that I did not mention pricing.  Silly me!  The price for the PackIt is right around $20.  It may seem a bit high at first, but I compare it to the lunch packs that we've previously bought.  We've bought reusable insulated packs for as much as $14.99 (and used ice packs).  We haven't bought lunch packs since my older boy was in Kindergarten, so the PackIts were a good fit for us at the right time.  I do also want to mention that sometimes on Amazon, you might find a deal as the prices fluctuate.  One of the packs I saw last night was on sale for about $14.

Now, hubby and daughter want PackIts of their own!  So our family gives this product an A++ rating for sure!  =0)  We now understand why this product won a Mom's Choice Award

 Click image above to go to amazon for this print!

Plus, I saw that they have a zebra print one (I'm all about the animal prints)!  How cool is that?  And they also have a larger size too (you can also check for other sizes available, because I think I might've seen a mini and a wine bottle size).  NICE!!!

 Click image above to go to amazon for this print/size!

*This product review is a Buy & Try review, which means that I purchased the item and the review is all my own (and my family's), pros and cons.  


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

looks like a great item...I clicked on over to Amazon (love that place) and really enjoyed all the choices, but the price is a little too steep for me right now.
Thanks for sharing.

2justByou said...

Debbi - You just reminded me I did not mention the price anywhere in my post...Thank you for that. I'll go edit right now!

Isobel Morrell said...

Very interesting - by Amazon, I'm presuming it's only in the US that this is available - or would it ship over to the UK, do you think? My daughter(s) previous lunch bags have fallen to bits from over use and we're actively looking for replacements. This sounds and looks just what we need.
Isobel -

Additionsstyle said...

Thanks for sharing your review. I don't pack anymore lunches, since my daughter went off to school, and my husband travels all the time, but now that I think about it they would make a nice gift.
Everyday Inspired

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

We have a similar style, but I think a different brand. They are really handy. And this brand sounds really nice!
I love the zebra print one :)

Mohala Johnson said...

These are too neat! I will have to look for them, that way my apples stay cold, although at this time of year I could probably just leave it in the car ! lol said...

Never heard of them but sounds like a great idea. I'll have to look into them for my hubby, especially now that he's taken a lot more frozen meals to work!

Priscilla Sims said...

Whoa! I've never heard of these but they sound awesome. Off to check out the site. Thanks!