Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Words for my Wednesday

Each week, I dedicate Wednesday's post to words - thoughts for the day.  They are usually quotes and sayings, most of the time motivational or inspiring.  Today I'd like to share some of the recent dog tags that my daughter has worked on, because some of the messages on these tags are absolutely amazing!  Enjoy!

A medical dog tag (will be in our Etsy shop soon)
And here's one I didn't even get to snap a picture of at all, but the words are so lovely, I wanted to share them.

"Our paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between us remains ever strong."

The first tag shown is from a custom order that my daughter did last week.  I think it turned out great!  There were a couple more that she just finished and we shipped out, but I didn't have those pictures taken in time for the post (maybe I'll share another week).  I know the last tag shown isn't a saying or quote, but I wanted to share it, because we just got the caduceus stamp.  What do you think?

Do you have any quotes, sayings, or words that you'd like to share?  Please do with a comment.  I love to read them!  =0)


Audrey Friesen said...

These are wonderful!!
I think it's great that your daughter is crafting :) I have boys.... no help crafting....

Tisha said...

Wonderful quotes! I love the "allergic to peanuts" tag. My son is allergic to peanuts and all tree nuts. Those tags are worth purchasing.

Blessings to you and your family.

Sweet Fix @ Maria Corcuera said...

Looove the last quote!!! very nice tags :)

Unifyhandmade said...

Great quotes, she's doing a great job with these dog tags :-D

Mohala Johnson said...

love the quotes and I will think about them randomly though out my day.

Additionsstyle said...

Wonderful quotes! Your tags would make great gifts, I hope you sell lots of them this season.
Everyday Inspired

Rose said...

These are all great! It's always interesting to see what people request for custom orders.

Sheryl Hastings said...

Love the tags and the quotes!

Yes, my favorite saying:

If you spend your time thinking about the things you don't have, you will miss the blessings that you already have.

So true!