Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Auction from HCL

PCF Team has a new sister team: Handcrafted with Love Auctions.  The November auction started just yesterday, so you can swing by and check out all the participating sellers NOW!  You might just find that perfect handmade gift to give, and you have the chance to get it at a rock bottom price!  Below you can see just a few items being offered.  There are well over 25 sellers offering handcrafted goods at excellent sale prices.  Check it out!  Buy handmade for this holiday season!

Click the item name and/or photo to go to the auction site to bid.  Click the shop name to go to the seller's online hope.

Remember, this isn't even near half of what's up for bidding!  Go check out the Handcrafted with Love Auctions site and see for yourself.  =0)  Bidding ends on November 14th.


Nerza said...

Everything so cute. Great arts! I am so jealous of such talents. wow! I am following you now,
#868 follower.
Please follow back.
(looking for a mutual follower)

holly said...

Never heard of the site before. Looks pretty cool and what a long list of shops. Good luck with your auctions!

Mohala Johnson said...

Sounds like a great way to raise money, I will check out the shop for sure.