Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Words for my Wednesday

Here are today's words.  These words remind us that you can go your own way and be your own person.  Sometimes it's hard to do, like going against the wind, but it can be done and be very rewarding in the end.

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The Ralph Waldo Emerson quote is from Bubby And Bean on Etsy, and it was the print that I chose as a part of the Giveaway Prize that I won at the beginning of this month.  =0)  I love it!

Do you have a quote or saying that you'd like to share?  Please do with a comment!  I love reading what you post.


aree1997 said...

My favourite quote , which helps me to live happily is "Reality is wrong , dreams are too right." It's great to me because sometimes reality is that hard you can't help.It's better to live in dreams with your own rules and it didn't hurt :)


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Love the colors in both of these! And they're such inspirational quotes too :)

Sabrina said...

Nice quotes! I like the first one and the way it is written!


ChatterBlossom said...

Those are both terrific and inspiring quotes! Thank you for sharing.

Ana said...

Hello, these words are by far the most important words because without one being true or oneself what would be the point of being here? We are truly meant to shine in who we are and remember to never forget how valuable that is. Thank you for such inspiring words.

Leonor said...

such an inspiring post!! really!! thank you so much dear:)) I am now following you too on GFC, FB, bloglovin and G+!!:) keep in touch dear:)) happy week!


Unifyhandmade said...

Love these! I get so much negative my way from my cousins, aunts, and uncles, who don't approve of me having my own small business & blogging. Going against the wind is something I've always done and I've always gotten drama for it from relatives--what's funny is my mom was the same way as a child so she understands me; and, that's all the support I need.

Macaroni Mom said...

Awww this reminded me of one of my favorite songs and as especially good work out song =) Fleetwood macs "You Can Go Your Own Way" everytime I hear listen to that song it empowers me to be more determined to be who I want to be> Happy Thnaksgiving!!

Stephanie said...

I like that one by Emerson as well.
enter me .... sthastie at gmail dot com