Monday, January 7, 2013

My Late Christmas Present

Well...I need a drum roll, please!  

I finally got a new camera!!!  It was on my wishlist for Christmas, but hubby and the kids had no idea what camera to get (even though I had given some specifications).  So they opted to give me a late Christmas present, and I could help pick it out!  Back in May when I knew my camera was starting to say a farewell, I asked readers for opinions on good cameras.  There were lots of great recommendations, but Canon cameras won in most suggested.  After looking around quite a bit, it finally came down to two choices: a trusty Olympus (all my cameras have been from Olympus - very user friendly) and a Canon Powershot.  I opted to go for something new with the Canon, especially since my blog buddies highly recommended Canons.  

And now for the drum roll...Here it is!

  photos taken with my daughter's iPhone

I really, really needed to get a camera sooner rather than later, because even my daughter's camera wasn't working.  I was able to take a only few shots of just a couple things over the holidays, but normally we go snap-happy with photos during the holidays, especially with two birthdays mixed in there as well.

Waiting for AFTER Christmas turned out to be a great advantage, because we got a bundle package for WAY less than the suggested manufacturer's price.  It's still not my dream camera, but it sure is nice, and it was really something we needed.

It's the Canon PowerShot SX500 IS.  The IS stands for Image Stabilizer, which will be really handy with helping to stop camera shake (a constant problem with my old camera).  It has a 30x optical zoom (pretty cool, right?) and is 16.0 megapixels (a far cry from the 7.1 of my old camera...Yes, it was really that old).  But I love Olympus cameras.  Always have and always will.  We haven't played around with our new Canon very much yet, but be expecting some photos REAL soon!!!  I can't wait to take some new product photos with this baby and test the macro setting!   

I've always loved photos, but I've never been really good at taking them.  I am by no means even an amateur photographer!  In starting our Etsy shop, I truly gained a new view of and appreciation for the art of photography.  I'd love to take a photography class some day.  And I would love, love, love to try it old school with a dark room too.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

How about you?  Which do you like better - taking photos or the photos themselves?

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Rose said...

Congrats! So happy for you. That will be a great camera.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

You'll love your Canon! I just had to replace my camera and got another PowerShot. They really are great!
Can't wait to see your new pics :)

Emily said...

Nice! I'm excited to see your photos!!


Heather Everson said...

Congrats! I just upgraded my Canon Powershot SX100 IS (I still love it, even if it's old) to a new Canon Rebel T3 dSLR. It's a good baby step from point and shoot to dSLR and I LOVE it even thought I have a long ways to mastering it! Enjoy your new camera, Canon rocks :)

Solarride Rivernik said...

Congrats! Excited to see the new photos from a new camera!
I like taking the photo instead of being photographed XD
I'm kind of camera shy :D

Carrie Bledsoe said...

Wow! What a nice camera your family picked out for you! I want a high quality camera too. I'm over taking photos on a phone.. So not worth it. Now, the iPhone does have a great camera!

Take some good shots and share with us. =)


Unifyhandmade said...

Congrats! I love using Canon! You're going to love taking pictures with this. I can't wait to see what you shot!! yay!

Chrissy said...

Awesome camera!! I bet you will love it! Thanks for following me on FB, I'm following you back!


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

great choice!!! I love my Canon power shot, and the IS is "awesome" (can you hear me singing? lol). I can take great pictures from the back of the motorcycle (while doing 80 on the highway) and without my glasses! you'll love it.

Stephanie said...

Just joined the Meet & Greet blog hop! Thanks for hosting :) I'd love for you to stop by and follow back :) Oh, and I am SO jealous of your camera. I need a new one, and yours is so nice!!

Diary of a Debutante

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Oh how exciting! I used to use Canons back when I shot film -- had two 35 mms, one for color and one for black and white. They were great cameras. My digital is a Nikon, and I've been pretty happy with it too.

Alisa Marie said...

Yay - so exciting! Love your new camera, so jealous!

holly via said...

You have no clue how jealous I am! Hope you have fun shooting with it and can't wait to see your pics. Photography is an absolute favorite of mine, especially shooting with film but we don't always have the $10 to spare on film and developing.

Linda Meyers-Gabbard said...

Awesome!!! I hope that you get years of enjoyment out of it!!!

Mohala Johnson said...

What a great camera! Congrats and I can't wait to see your photos!

Mariana said...

Congrats! :)
I use (and love using it) Nikon, but I believe Canon is great, too.
And... I'm excited to see your photos!!

Kim Nolan said...

Great choice! I'm a professional photographer and I always prefer to shoot with Canon cameras. If you can't take a photography class right now there are a lot of helpful videos on youtube that give tutorials on how to use your camera and also tips for taking great product photos. -Kim

Hi, Im Kelly! said...

ohhh how cool is that?!! Cant wait to see the pics you take with them :)

Stephanie said...

It looks like a nice camera, I have a similar one, by Sony, and actually wish I had gotten the canon, b/c I have always had them. I find I have trouble switching brands.