Monday, March 11, 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Time

It's an annual thing - Girl Scout Cookie Time!  We have a couple of neighbor girls that we always order our favorites from.  And then, of course, when we run out of those yummy Girl Scout Cookies, we'll support the troops that sell in front of our favorite stores.  Usually we only buy a select couple of cookies - Thin Mints (who doesn't love those?) and the Caramel DeLites (also known as Samoas).  This year we tried a new variety, and it's now a family favorite that we WILL pre-order next year from our neighbors.  

We tried and now LOVE the Lemonades!!!

If you like lemon flavor (like me), you will love these cookies.  Not too sweet, either.  They are just right.  If you know any Girl Scouts, try some of these!

This year the Girl Scout Cookies have some brand new packaging, which I really like.  Check out the side of this cookie package:

It shows the five skills that Girl Scouts learn from their Cookies Sales.  More of the new packaging shows what girls do in the Girl Scouting program by explaining some of the badges they earn, among other things.  I thought this to be pretty informative, because it's not only showcasing the famous cookies, but now also the awesome girls that are selling these cookies.  Buying these cookies helps the girls and their troops earn money for activities they want to plan.

Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies?  What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor?

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Noor Unnahar said...

I have been a Girl scout and in my time . They just had simple chocolate cookies which were not-so-famous ;)
Noor @ Noor's Place

Pola Lola said...

WoW it must be delicious :)
I invite you to my new post! :)

Nicky Hudelson said...

Haven't tried those, and since I love lemon... those are now on my must try list! My girls were in the Scouts for years. I can remember delivering so many boxes of cookies! Swinging through from bloglovin'.


Memories for Life said...

Mmmm...Thin Mints are the best! And I love the caramel delights too! Those lemon cookies sound like a tasty treat too!

Handmade Cuties said...

I have so many GS cookies in my fridge/freezer and I'll be sad when they are all gone. Thin Mints and DoSiDo's are my fave but the kids have their own favorites so we have 'em in all flavors! Yum!
Handmade Cuties

Eyelah said...

I'm a fan of the carmel da-lites and the butter cookies. So tasty. I bought mine a while ago and they have been LONG gone.

Heather Everson said...

Those sound yummy! Lemon cookies are my favorite!

Melanie Miller said...

That makes me sad! :-) I love lemon cream cookies, and I know the Girl Scout makers must make them divine ... but in our area we have Savannah (sp?) Smiles instead. Of course I do enough damage with Somoas, it isn't like I need another cookie to be craving! LOL And yes, my daughter is a girl scout. :-) BTW - I am new to your blog, and am giving you a follow. I will be back for the Meet & Greet this coming Friday.

Crystal Johnson said...

I love old fashion sugar cookies which have a traditional kick of lemon, so I am sure I will love these, they are selling at the grocery store this weekend I seen, so opportunity is knocking & these are now on the list! My scale thanks you:)

Denysia Yu said...

I love thin mints too! I've never tried the lemonade cookies, but now I will need to! :)

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I loooooove girl scout cookies! We haven't purchased any yet this year, so I need to get on the ball before it's too late. Thin Mints are my favorites. :-)

Additionsstyle said...

I have not bought girl scout cookies in a long time, but those lemonade cookies sound amazing. I love anything lemon, I don't think a box would last very long in my house.
Everyday Inspired