Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Learn about empowHER

I recently visited one of my favorite blogs and saw an amazing post by Shane at Whispering Sweet Nothings...A post about empowHER.  Community service projects have been a long-time passion for me ever since I was in elementary school.  This post was so amazing that I asked Shane if she would guest post here at 2justByou so that we could spread the word together.  So here it is..Her post entitled Let's move mountains together!

Introducing... Project EmpowHer
I would be honored to have you join me!

It all begins with you...
Challenge yourself to give up just one latte this month. 
To help restore hope to at-risk women in Africa.
Women and children are often the most exposed and abused victims of injustice, especially in the war-torn areas of Africa. In Nazaret, Ethiopia, Mocha Club helps rehabilitate women in Ethiopia who were forced into a life of prostitution as an attempt to escape their situation of poverty. “Women At Risk” helps to rehabilitate former sex workers. This requires not only getting these women off the streets, but also providing them with spiritual, emotional and psychological counseling and helping them find alternate means of income – either by starting their own small businesses or applying for other jobs with their newly acquired qualifications. Our ultimate goal is to help these women become healthy and productive members of society.

In Ethiopia, prostitution is often linked with deep levels of generational poverty and financial hopelessness. Lacking meaningful resources and a sense of hope, many women resort to prostitution as a means of supporting themselves and their families. These women are often desperate to leave the sex industry but remain trapped by a lack of opportunity and rehabilitative support. 

Wrap your mind around this…
$9 in Africa can:

  • SUSTAIN life for 1 person living with AIDS.
  • PROVIDE clean water to 9 Africans for 1 year.
  • SAVE 1 person's life from malaria.
With almost 2,500 blog readers, If only 200  of those people could give at least $5 to help rehabilitate one precious woman and give her a fresh start,  that would cover my goal for the month of March,  the $1,000 we need to help three women off the streets.

Click here to join my team today!

I have confidence that together we can help two women and give her & her family a new
chance at life and love and caring for her family.

***If you can help spread the word by about it, blogging about it, grabbing
a button or allowing me to guest post THIS post on your blog, let me know! 

I need Africa more than Africa needs me. Do you?

So what do you say?  Are you ready to move mountains with Shane?  Even if you don't join Club Mocha, you can help by spreading the word.  And together, we can move mountains.  =0)
Thanks for reading!  Have a great Tuesday.


Shane Prather said...

Thank you so much Kim! You are an angel!

xo Shane

bitsofthepastandpresent said...

What an amazing post! I to love service projects, and there are so many people around the world who need love. Thanks for posting and I am on my way to join!

Courtney Dydek said...

What an amazing cause! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be signing up to donate.

Additionsstyle said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post! What an amazing group and opportunity to help. I will be donating and Tweeting to help spread the word.
Everyday Inspired

Couture Carrie said...

What an awesome cause ~ good for you!


2justByou said...

Thank you ALL for reading and for your support! It's a great cause.

Rabin Ban said...

YcDress and DressesForBest

Crimson Hill Soaps and Scents said...

What a great cause. Thanks for sharing this Kim!

Shanna Williams said...

What a great cause! I tweeted and will be donating as well!

beautiful swag store said...

Awesome post