Thursday, March 14, 2013

Like this?

So today I have a couple of giveaways to share with you.  And this first one is so super easy, you will definitely want in on the action!

Do you like this???

It's Not Your Average Pinwheel by LeahRHood on Etsy.  And she's giving away two custom oversized pinwheel bouquets ($35.90 value) to one lucky facebook fan.  All you have to do is visit her facebook fan page, click on the tab that says "giveaway" and click the LIKE button.  That's it!  Three little clicks and you're entered for a chance to win.  Please let her know you're swinging by from 2justByou Blog with a quick post on her timeline (not required, but much appreciated).

Do you like this???

There are TWO handmade, handstamped bracelets up for grabs over at Your Charmed Life Blog - two winners, two great prizes.  And there are just a few days left to enter.  What are you waiting for?  =0)

There will be no giveaway posted here on my blog tomorrow, so I thought I'd share these two with you today.  I already entered both!  

But don't forget to enter the two current giveaways right here at 2justByou Blog! 

  ArtbyKM photo artbyKM_collage1button_zps0fd34b56.jpg  photo maJessy_zps38973b47.jpg

The MAJESSY giveaway ends this Saturday night, so don't miss your chance at the beautiful ring.

I almost didn't realize that Easter is early this year.  After next week, my kids are our for Spring Break!  It seems like it came so quickly.  I've been waiting for spring to get here, but wow!  

If any of you have some fun Easter-themed items, activities, crafts or anything else to share with me, please share them with a comment.  I might just post them here on my blog!  

Happy Thursday, and thanks for stopping by.


Memories for Life said...

Thanks for the links...those bracelets are great!

Areeba said...

This pin wheel looks fun to have. I would love to check it out! :D Have fun with kids in Spring Break :)
Aree With Umbrella

lorenabr said...


holly via said...

I know, easter really snuck up this year! I can't wait. Your kids must be stoked for the break.

Crimson Hill said...

Great giveaways! I just entered Leah's!

Shanna Williams said...

Great giveaways! I love the pinwheels. Think they would look great for Spring craft show displays!

Leah R. Hood, Jewelry Designer & Artisan said...

Thanks for the support! Please spread the word on the giveway! (:

Leah R. Hood, Jewelry Designer & Artisan said...

Love the bracelets as well, heading over to check that out now!

Melissa at said...

I love that pinwheel! And thanks for the link :)

ChatterBlossom said...

How COOL! A pinwheel for a bouquet would be so cute!

Night Owler said...

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Paola Lauretano said...

Cool photos!!!!
Do you like to follow each other?
Let me know....

Hi, Im Kelly! said...

thanks so much for adding in mine :)