Friday, March 29, 2013

Meet & Greet Blog Hop #20

Have a Hoppy Easter, everyone!

Welcome to Meet & Greet for our 20th week of blog hoppin' fun.
Join in, meet some fellow bloggers, greet them with comments, and grow your blog with new friends.
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Meet Everyone!
This week's Get-to-Know-YOU Question:
What was your most embarrassing hairstyle?

Laurie, from Created by Laurie:
Whenever I get bored I usually will go to a salon and tell the stylist they can do what they think would look good on me.  It's nice to see a different look, usually one I wouldn't have thought of.  This one guy went completely opposite and ended up coloring my hair super dark and cut it to my chin.  I know it's a risk, but hair can be recolored and grows back.  I just ended up looking goth for a few days till I colored it again!

MY answer:
Oh no...My worst hairstyle was when I was a kid and thought I could cut my own hair.  I cut bangs, and they were completely uneven.  Worst part...Picture Day at school was the next day.  And my parents didn't want to fix my hair cut (they said something about me learning a lesson?).  So, NO, we did NOT buy those photos!

Sandy, from Savard Studios:
My most embarrassing hairstyle was from the 80's big hair days.  Permed poodle hair with high poufy bangs.  The goal was, how high could you get your bangs?  Of course it wasn't embarrassing at the time, because everyone was doing that.  What were we thinking?

Shelly, from Company Forty-Two:
My most embarrassing hairstyle is when I cut it all off.  I am not kidding.  I was having a bad hair day and was sick of dealing with it so I took a pair of scissors and hacked it off.  When I went to the salon for them to fix it the only thing they could do is shave it!  So one can only imagine what curly hair looks like growing back in...I looked like a CHIA PET.  It took 3 years for it to grow out!  I won't be doing that again ;-)

Now it's YOUR turn!
What was your most embarrassing hairstyle?

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debdenny said...

Espacularaiesa here. I messed up and put the wrong link. Could you remove it and I will try again. Sorry

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Thank you for hosting this lovely party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Lynn Huntley said...

Thanks for hosting~2 years ago I was given a hair cut that I could best describe as "The Carole Brady" hair cut~ It was and always will be the worst hair cut I have ever received! Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines~

Colleen Cornelius said...

When I was young I had hair down to my behind until my mother got a brilliant idea to cut it like Dorthy Hamil (or something like that) She had it all cut off to a very short and very ugly bob. I hated it and even now looking at the photos I still hate it It was a very embarrassing moment in my hair history

From ButterlyInTheAttic

Anne K. said...

Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend! :)

Danielle Hughes said...

Thanks for hosting! And my worst haircut was definitely when I shaved my head. It was not flattering, lol!

Crystal Johnson said...

Ooh, the worst hair cut would have to be my final day of 8th grade. I decided to cut my own bangs for the first time and learned that you do not cut them with the same concept of outcome when they are wet. They were short and horrible so I plastered them back the next day out of sight and out of mind until the preppy birds started chirping their dislike. Preps, so typical, and my last day of school before high-school! Oh well, until this moment I had completely forgotten the entire annoying memory, thanks for that:)

Milena said...

Thank you for hosting!
Bettie Page bangs...let's just say they don't suit any face shape :)

Noor Unnahar said...

My worst hair style was when I had to attend school farewell for juniors and my Grandma cut my hair in almost wrong side of side swept . I had never had side swept and it was looking super bad . I gotta attend the party with a short pony tail over neck . I'd never forget that hair style .
Noor @ Noor's Place

Katie R said...

Two words. Spiral perm.

Krys @ Sunshine and Rain said...

The most embarrassing hairstyle was right before graduation. I wanted to cut my hair short & dye it black. I LOVED it! Everyone else loved it! But my mother, hated it. She hated it so much she made me bleach it four times, yes FOUR, in a two week rush before Graduation. My hair was so dry, damaged, & it was the color of Big Bird. I'm still upset with her till this day about that one! lol.

Angelique Ouellette-Tower said...

My worst hair style was in junior high in the 80's - my first perm (and last). I looked like Eddie VanHalen and when I would walk into a classroom everytime after that the "annoying boys" would yell out "EDDIE"!!! Traumatizing!!

Cindi said...

My worst hair cut was when I got a perm back in the 80's. I have naturally thick wavy hair to start with, and my ex husband (key word ex) convinced me to get a perm along with him who had very thin hair. What a bad idea! It was horrible! I had some seriously big hair. The only time it looked good is when it was wet. Took forever to grow out.

Milex said...

I'm totally impressed by you

Steven Brown said...

HELLO MY DEAR:) I love your blog, its TOTALLY AWESOME...I am following. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. Also on bloglovin, facebook, instagram, twitter, and tumblr if you want :D <3



Savard Studios said...

Thanks for hosting and allowing me to co-host! Super fun! Have a great week!