Friday, April 12, 2013

Meet & Greet Blog Hop #22

Time to Meet & Greet for this weekend!

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Meet everyone!
This week's Get-to-Know-YOU Question:
Who was your first celebrity crush?


Laurie, from Created by Laurie:
Mine is a little embarrassing...I'm a big animal lover, and was in middle school when "Ace Ventura" came out.  I loved his character.  I thought Jim Carey was "dreamy" for a couple of years - ha!

MY answer:
My first celebrity crush?  I don't think I've ever really had a celebrity crush at all.  There are plenty of celebrities that make for great eye candy, though.  Hellllooooo, Channing Tatum!


Maria, from This Life's Beautiful Moments: My first celebrity crush was J.C. Chasez of NSYNC.


Vivi, from Jenvy Accessories
OMG, my very first celebrity crush was Justin Timberlake.  My crush on him was huuuuuuge!  I remember saving my lunch money in junior high just to get magazines with posters of him.  My walls were covered in posters of Justin.  I still own pictures of the day I went down to see NSYNC when they were at the MTV studios.  I stood outside just to see them!  Sounds a bit silly now, but so true!  I still think he's handsome  :)

Now it's YOUR turn!
Who was your first celebrity crush?

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Natalie R said...

Tommy Howell from The Outsiders!

Crystal Johnson said...

Dean Cain who played super man back in the 90's television show. Tall, dark and classically cute. What can I say, I was a 7 year old with taste:)

Jennifer said...

George Michael. Obviously we were not meant to be. :)

Cindy Eikenberg said...

My first big celebrity crush was Rob Lowe back in the 80's...and that man is aging beautifully! :) Thanks so much for hosting and have a fabulous weekend!

Rachel said...

Brian from the Backstreet Boys... so dreamy. ;) Haha.

Anne K. said...

My first celebrity crush was Nick Carter of Backstreet boys! Lol

Denysia Yu said...

Tom Cruise my first celebrity crush! I saw him on a cover of a magazine when I was in Taiwan, and I thought he was so handsome! Haha.

xx Denysia Yu

Aanie @ The Active Mum said...

It was so long ago - but I'm thinking it could have been Corey Haim..

Thanks for hosting! I'm linking up for the first time and following via GFC.

Would love you to visit

Have a great day

Aani x

beautiful swag store said...

great blog

Jessica Dy said...

Am I allowed to have a few? I mentioned Chachi on Laurie's blog. As I got older, I fell for Johnny Depp, his 21 Jump Street Character. hahaha! Bad Boy attractiveness again!! Thanks for hosting and coming by to the new blog party I have going on too :)

The Wondering Brain

Shauna Smart said...

Just stopping by from the Meet & Greet Blog Hop to follow your blog on GFC while I was here. Would love if you’d follow back if you enjoy cooking and recipes :)


Areeba said...

Zac Efron from High SChool Musical. Crushing him when I was 11!!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Celebrity crush... Hmmm... I think I would have to go with Val Kilmer in the movie, Willow. 'Loved his long hair. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Talya Tate Boerner said...

Donny Osmond:))

Rea T said...

aw! channing tatum is my boyfriend kim! haha!!


Angelique Ouellette-Tower said...

My first celebrity crush - I'm too embarrassed to even admit that I watched this TV show - it was the blond........I can't even type the name of the show - I'll just say that it had the word "Hazzard" in it's title.

Yasmeen said...

Pretty sure it was Russell Crowe (and then that whole crazy phone attack thing happened and I was like HMMM maybe he's not as dreamy as I thought he was!)

I think he was followed promptly by Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. I miss being 13 haha

Castle Fashion

Stephanie said...

Just linked up! Thanks for hosting, Kim :) Hope you're having a great weekend!!!

Diary of a Debutante

Stephanie said...

Oh, and oops... my first celebrity crush was Nick Lachey from 98 degrees. Yikes.

Nifty Thrifty Mom said...

Thanks for co-hosting the blog hop. I am your newest follower thru GFC. I would love it if you would swing by the Nifty Thrifty Family sometime.

mail4rosey said...

Thanks for hosting.
I'm trying to remember back that far...I'm guessing John Travolta from Grease and Welcome Back Kotter days. Eesh, that was a long time ago.

Gabs G said...

Never had a crush exactly, but there were celebrities who I thought were hot, that's it though.

Sparkling said...

Probabl Tom Cruise. But I didn't realize it was a crush. I could not get enough of Top Gun and I couldn't figure out why for the longest time :) Now that he has gone off the deep end, not so much....

sweetpea family said...

Just joined your blog link up and my first crush was Clint Eastwood x

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lilliesandsilk said...

Thanks for hosting the hop and I'm a follower:) Enjoy your evening!

Lillies & Silk