Monday, April 8, 2013

Ombre Hair

If you visited last weekend's Meet & Greet, then you probably know that our Get-to-Know-You Question of the Week was about worst hairstyles.  I thought that this would be a great time to show you my daughter's new hair.

So my daughter has been wanting to dye her hair for a few months, and I've said no for those few months.  Then I visited my buddy Rea's blog and saw that L'oreal offers an ombre hair DIY color kit.  I thought - Hey, why not?  Well, it didn't work out, because my daughter wanted her ends RED, not blond.  Go figure!  Just my luck.  Besides that, though, hair dyes contain lots of chemicals, and I wanted something eco-friendly.

I did end up taking her to the salon, and this is what her hair now looks like:

And here's a cute hairstyle that she tried too:

I've never dyed my hair or anything like that.  I've been told my hair is a hairstylist's dream, because it's so "untouched."  I don't do anything with it (besides throw it in a ponytail), really - which is funny, because back in middle school and high school, I would spend hours (literally HOURS) on just my hair.  Every time I cut my hair, I usually cut at least 6-8 inches off (it grows incredibly fast) and donate it.  But I have long, super straight hair all the time.

If you like this cute side ponytail, here's a quick youtube video for you.  =0)

If you'd like to learn more about eco-friendly hair dyes, click the links below for some informative articles:
Does Eco-Friendly Hair Dye Exist?
Hair Color That's Eco-Friendly and Effective
Top Eco-Friendly Brands [for Green Hair Dye]

What have you done with your hair lately?


Savard Studios said...

Your daughter has beautiful hair!! Wow! I love the ombre style!
Thanks for inviting me to co-host again this weekend! Have a fabulous week!

Arta said...

love her hair! so, so beautiful!! :)

Cole Nemeth said...

Her hair is so beautiful! I love the red :)

mail4rosey said...

My daughter uses eco-friendly dye as well. Your daughter's hair is beautiful.

You're so so so lucky that your hair grows fast. Mine absolutely does not.

Melissa at said...

Your daughter's hair looks gorgeous! I don't do much with mine these days except get it cut occasionally and dye it once or twice a year. Dye is definitely full of icky chemicals - I like that you listed the eco info!

Crystal Johnson said...

Her hair looks great! I am working towards doing 10 days of hair styles off of Pinterest and I want to take pictures and then cut it and donate it. I have already chosen the final cut, just need to have some fun before I cut it for summer weather:) I have been collecting style ideas on Pinterest
Some super cute ones out there! The Eco-friendly dye is good to know about, I have dyed my hair like 3 times ever, it always went red naturally as my mothers a red head and I have a lot of her color buried in my blonde that just takes over no matter how it is dyed. I will have to keep that in mind if I ever dye it again though:)

Silhouette de Femme said...

So pretty! My oldest did ombré with baby pink & she has light brown hair & now Alexandra wants too do it red too! Your daughter has beautiful hair.

bitsofthepastandpresent said...

Your daughters hair is beautiful! So shiny! Love the ombre hairstyle too! Thanks for the post, I wish I would have been able to attend your meet and greet! Next time maybe.

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

I'm like hair usually just goes up in a ponytail. it is so stick straight and thin...I've spend too much money trying to get curls, now I just give up. lol

MyHaunted Attic said...

Your daughters hair looks lovely.

My daughter had a sleepover one night and she and her friends all dip dyed the ends of their hair.
I know I did a lot worse with my hair at that age.

Thank you for sharing : )

Jackie Naegely said...

Beautiful hair!!

Denysia Yu said...

I love ombre colored hair! :)

xx Denysia Yu

Cheryl said...

Hi! Linking up from FB Frenzy. I love that you are looking for Eco-friendly hair dyes (and products in general). Thanks for the info!

Hi, Im Kelly! said...

how fun! it looks fantastic!! I love it :) I think im going to try the chalking here soon for summer!

Additionsstyle said...

Your daughters hair turned out beautiful. The red is really nice. I don't dye my hair anymore but I really like the idea of eco-friendly hair dyes.
Everyday Inspired

Rea T said...

thanks for the shout out kim ♥

too bad l'oreal does not have the red color :( anyway your daughter's hair looks fabulous with the red ombre!! love it!