Friday, May 24, 2013

Don't Forget

There's now just less than one week left to enter for your chance to win a $15 Madison Street Beauty gift certificate, so don't forget to enter!  

PLUS, you can use code 2JUSTBYOU, save an extra 20% on your order, AND earn 20 extra entries!!!  You don't want to miss out on this great opportunity.  MSB is also having a blowout Clearance Sale, where you can get 70% off.  Go check it out!

Check out all giveaway details HERE, or you can also click on the image above.

Today is also the final day to join us at Meet & Greet, so don't forget to stop by and link up your family friendly blog.  Just click the link below, and have fun answering our Question of the Week.  =0)

It's a 3-day weekend for us, so...Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


mail4rosey said...

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you too!

holly via said...

I've been so busy I totally forgot it was Memorial Day weekend! Hope you have a good one.

And love those nail colors, they look great on! I picked up some orange sparkly polish at Old Navy and was bummed how translucent it was.

becca said...

pretty color

Night Owler said...

If that's your nails. they are pretty and I love the colors. My nails dont grow. Guess b/c I have a bad nervous habit of biting. sucks I know. even when i dont they dont tend to grow. only time they do is when i put religiously put that vitamin E stuff or strengthner on them but they get a certian length and they break. any tips?

Night Owler said...

Jen Nikolaus said...

HI!! I'm your newest follower! I got a notification that you had commented on my blog but it just didn't go thru for some dumb reason! I wanted you to know I saw the comment and totally appreciated it! Plus I'm stoked to be following you - what an awesome blog!!! I can't wait to join in on the Meet & Greet next week! Hope your holiday weekend is fabulous!!

Jen @ Yummy Healthy Easy

Inge Lakawa said...

love the pink one!

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Areeba said...

Happy Memorial Day Kim! I am going to enter some more entries for giveaway!