Thursday, May 30, 2013

Easy Extra Entries for the MSB #Giveaway

Do you want some super easy extra entries for the MSB Giveaway [to win a $15 gift certificate] ending in less than 24 hours???  Giveaway closes tonight at midnight, Eastern Standard Time. 

Check this out!!!

Follow my new twitter account (@2Byoutify), and I'll manually add a whopping 20 extra entries for you!!!  If you haven't entered already, you can enter by CLICKING HERE.

Click the image and follow me!

Another great way to earn another 20 extra entries is to make any purchase from MSB!  And - even better - they're having a Summer Sale and Clearance event going on RIGHT NOW too!  Use code 2JUSTBYOU and you'll save an extra 20% on your entire order (sale & clearance prices included), PLUS you'll get 20 extra entries for the giveaway.  How cool is that?

Why do I have a new twitter account?  Well, I will be using this new account to tweet all things beauty, lovely and healthy.  Being beautiful is being YOU.  Byoutiful with me and join me on my journey!  

I also have this new role as an MSB Affiliate.  Ever since my first purchase from MSB, I was truly impressed.  I always love supporting handmade artisans.  Beyond their awesome products, though (100% ALL natural and even a wide selection of vegan-friendly finds), the customer service is impeccable.  And what REALLY got me hooked was when they rolled out their nail lacquers in April. My Baby Girl is such a girly girl, and she loves to paint her nails and toe nails.  It's great that MSB's polishes are non-toxic and 3-FREE, and - oh, right, you guessed it - HANDMADE!!!  (Personal fave pick is the shade Island Cove...Love, love, love it!)  What is 3-Free, you ask?  3-Free means free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

A fun, new twitter account for you to follow and earn 20 extra entries for the giveaway.  Win-Win!!  Follow my new twitter and then leave me a comment with the following info:
1. your twitter handle
2. your email
3. your rafflecopter name

That's it.  Easy as that!  I will manually enter 20 extra chances for you to win the $15 gift certificate up for grabs.  And remember, if you make a purchase, come back and leave a comment - you'll get an additional 20 extra entries.  =0)  GOOD LUCK!

I've been thinking about my original twitter handle @shopjustByou...I was thinking about changing it to @2justByou to match the blog name.  The blog is an extension of me as the person, not just the shop.  My tweets promote handmade, of course, but I also tweet lots of other fun stuff too.  The only thing is...If I do that and change the name, will the old name carry over if people search or tweet it?  I'll have to look into that, I guess.  What do you think?  Should I change my original twitter name to match the blog?  Or should I keep it as is with @shopjustByou?


silviabia said...

I followed you new twitter account!: @silviabia41
Rafflecopter name: Sílvia Ferreira Carvalho

Areeba said...

New follower there ;)@areebasiddique
Rafflecopter Name : Areeba Siddique

Sedna said...

I'm following!
1. @Se_dna
3. Sedna

Noor Unnahar said...

I think you should keep it , because changing name can effect a lot of traffic . It's awesome because it covers both your shop & blog .

Laura Ashton said...

I like the new twitter handle name that matches your blog name. I recently switched everything to be the same and I think it is easiest for people to follow. :)

Sheryl Hastings said...

I've never used twitter. I like the idea of changing it to match your blog, but if you lose everything in the process, I don't know that I'd want to do that.

Handmade Cuties said...

I think about changing my name also but I'm not sure how that will affect everything. Looking forward to your tweets on your new account.
Handmade Cuties

Powers Of Love said...

twitter...@powersofbeauty & @powers_of_love

email mesmerized2 (at) yahoo
raffle copter... Lisa M.

garima kumari said...

followed by @bubblygarima