Thursday, May 16, 2013

Online Bake Sale

Today's post will be quick and to the point.  If you are a supporter of good causes, then I encourage you to check out this facebook bake sale: Baking for Kate.  I learned about the event from Mom's Test Kitchen, a GREAT blog with lots of foodie posts (I always love those!).  Breast Cancer is unfortunately one that touches lots of us, but great things can happen when we come together and support the cause.  It's happening THIS WEEKEND, and I bet it's going to be great.  =0)

You can read the full post and learn about the event (including some guidelines for participation) and how it came to be HERE.  Also, you check out the online bake sale by simply clicking the button below:

Have a great Thursday, everyone!


Melissa at said...

What a wonderful idea for a great cause! Thanks for sharing this Kim. :)

Rozelyn De Sagun said...

Thanks for sharing this great cause. Heading there now.

Chelle W said...

Such a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

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