Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Meet & Greet Blog Hop #28

It's about to be Wednesday, which means it's time to Meet & Greet for the week!

Welcome to the Meet & Greet Blog Hop!
Join in, meet some fellow bloggers, greet them with comments, and grow your blog with new friends.
***Some good news we have to share: Starting next week, we return to our weekly hop schedule (instead of bi-weekly).  Since our hop is no longer a weekend hop, we figure we can keep it weekly during the summer months.  So...We hope to see you all back here next week as well!  Thanks for joining us.  =0)

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Meet Everyone!
This week's Get to know YOU Question:
If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be?


Laurie, from Created by Laurie:
I would focus on my pattern shop I started working on before my pregnancy got rough.  I'm hoping to get started on it again soon, my sewing room has been quite lonely...

MY answer:
Only ONE project?  Oh man!  Ummm...De-cluttering the house!  I've needed to do this for awhile, but with all the crafting stuff all over the place, it makes it that much more difficult.  So I'd definitely work on that - declutter & organization.  Kinda boring, but it's needed.


Noor, from Noor's Place:
I could do an accounting project or finance tour with any of the company I see around.  I am so passionate about finance so I can spend years on it.

*Our Featured Guest this Week*

Laura, from Mouse in the Kitchen
A blogging Mom who writes about life and family with a sense of humor, shares reviews & giveaways! (Take a peek at her recipes!)

Now it's YOUR turn!
If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be?

Now link up, and have FUN!

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Jennifer said...

Anything crocheted! Or sewn...gee, it's hard to pick. Thanks for hosting the hop, as always. :)

Diane VintageZest said...

It would have to be something that kept my interest, so maybe making an upholstered love seat from scratch? My friend knows how after taking classes, but I haven't been able to capitalize on her know-how yet. That's what I'd do!

Caylaand Ashley Bleoaja said...

Hello! We have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Your blog is so inspirational and a joy to visit! And thank you for the awesome hop. =D You can read more about the award on our blog.

Cayla and Ashley

Night Owler said...

Thanks for hosting. I sure do love hops. Is there any way to host the up coming ones. I'd love to. What do i have to do.

If you can stop by and let me know please. Thanks. Have a great Hump day.


Daisy Bisley said...

I'd really love to design something for myself and either use it for the house or get it tattooed. I just know I'd never be 100% happy enough to get it inked lol.


Arimimen said...

Only one thing.... difficult indeed. Probably to improve our blog and online shops in the way I dream them to be!

Ζήνα said...

Ha! too many...but I think the first priority is to give some attention to myself and relax! I quite forget this the past...2 and a half years :)

Thank you for hosting! followed all the hosts!

Zina (efzin-creations.blogspot.com)

Rea T said...

hmm..one project that i really want to do is to finish my laundry room, i've started it and then stopped and then continue some...but never finished it..

thanks for hosting Kim! huggies♥

Areeba said...

I'd spend my whole year in article writing and photography! It'd be a bloggy thing!
Have a great day!

Angelique Ouellette-Tower said...

I think my answer is the same as yours Kim - declutter.
Thanks for hosting!
PS – If you haven't linked up already -The Great Blog Train is live on my blog right now!

Powers Of Love said...

Either declutter or crochet.

I linked up, but entered the wrong thing under my pic. Is there a way to change it? I'm new to all this! :)