Friday, June 21, 2013

More of Mom's Flowers

It's been a pretty long week, and I'm glad it's Friday.  How about you?

Let's end the week with some pretty flowers!!!  These are more pretty flowers from my mom's backyard garden.  She's great with plants (unlike me).  Hope you enjoy!

Which one is your favorite???
I really like tropical flowers, so I like the one in photo #2.  =0)

If you missed my post with Mom's Flowers from last Friday, you can see it here.  
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Happy Friday, everyone!  And Happy First Day of Summer.  Enjoy your weekend.


Melissa at said...

Beautiful! I love the first ones. :)

Unifyhandmade said...

Lovely plants. I'm not good with plants either, lol!

Sierra Kenzie said...

I love the ones in the third photo! They are so pretty :)

xoxo -B ♡

Areeba said...

I think the last photo of flowers is incredible. Your mum is a plant pro ;)