Monday, June 17, 2013

Paying it Forward

Earlier this year I decided to participate in the Blogger's Pay it Forward Challenge 2013.  You can read about my first PIF item HERE.  For the next PIF I chose to order a couple of items from my friend Shane, from one of my all time favorite blogs, Whispering Sweet Nothings.  Shane has an Etsy shop too, and it carries bohemian, tribal, whimsical and even some inspirational accessories.  

My next PIF gift was going to Amy of Clippie Dips.  I'm a fairly regular reader of Amy's blog, and I knew that her family has been going through a rough time lately.  I wanted to give Amy something that would inspire her and keep her motivated.  I chose these two awesome finds from Shane's Whispering Sweet Nothings shop:

With this PIF gift, I also included a note:
"As long as you can dream, your destiny will be great."   

I hope that Amy received her package and liked its contents.  I think it's always fun to get something nice in the mail completely unexpected.  =0)

In other news...

I've finally added the pin it button to my blog for readers to be able to pin images from my posts.  I had really been liking the hover Pin It images and how you can personalize them, but I opted to go with the plain white and red pin it button outside of the image instead.  The images I use in my blog posts are clickable links most of the time, so the hover Pin It button would kind of make that difficult.  

Speaking of Pinterest, I recently just switched over to Pinterest's new look.  With the new look came some changes...Pinterest now has a widget builder.  It's a new way of being able to embed a pin, and so far, it wasn't really working for me.  I tried embedding one pin for my Father's Day post - sometimes the image showed up, and other times it didn't.  -_-
Have you had any troubles with this feature?


Memories for Life said...

What great gifts for Amy! I'm sure she loves them!

Sarah said...

Love the creativity.

I would love to see you splashin' our little group of moms. We could use your words of encouragement. your tips. your photos. your anything gloriously mom.

I jot some few notes on Mondays. But it's a link up whenever you can kind of thing. I understand the filled to the brim momma schedules. We would be honored to have you join. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

Splashin' Momma,

Debbi Huntington said...

those bracelets are very nice...and so is the paying it forward idea. as far as pinterest goes....I pin and that's pretty much it. lol

Debra Bros said...

I love the idea of "pay if forward" it fantastic. Also loving the necklace it's so cute!

amy mayen said...

I'm glad you added the pin it button:) the hover over buttons don't work well with iPad.

What a cool series! I'm sure she will love her goodies!!

Additionsstyle said...

What a lovely idea. I am sure Amy is going to love her special gift.
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