Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Words for my Wednesday

Some words for DADS today.  
All images are clickable and available for purchase.

Wall Art Print by Susan Newberry Designs

Dad Word Art by Corner Chair

Magnet Letters by Happy Emotions

Do you have any Father's Day traditions?

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Melissa at said...

I love all of these, especially the magnet letters. Hurray for dads!

Vivid said...

These are excellent! I love the words on the stones, so cute! Thanks for sharing these, great inspiration for fathers day :)

bitsofthepastandpresent said...

Such sweet words! For Father's day we usually go for a picnic and fishing. Anything together as a family celebrating a wonderful man!

Kristin Aquariann said...

Wonderful words!

♥ aquariann
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Eyelah said...

nice finds. I actually haven't seen my father in 2yrs. I leave in a different state so it's been difficult to travel back and forth. I do usually send him a card.

mail4rosey said...

Father's Day means June is almost over, gah!!!

We're celebrating tonight w/my FIL and Sunday w/hubby. :)