Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Little Facebook Love?

I'm so sorry I didn't get to my Words for my Wednesday post this week.  I've had a lot going on, but...I'm Co-Hosting with Mommy Mentionables for the month of August, so join us at the Facebook Love party.  =0)

Here are the rules for the Facebook Party:
  1. Linkup your Blog's Facebook page URL.
  2. 'LIKE' your host and co-hosts pages.
  3. Return the likes of other participants.
  4. Grab a Hop Button below and place it on your sidebar so others can join in.
Mommy Mentionables
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Mommy Mentionables"><img src="" alt="Mommy Mentionables" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


Some Things to NOTE:

  • Like other FB pages from your PERSONAL profile. This important since Facebook does NOT count likes if you like a page from your PAGES.
  • We highly encourage you to return the like of everyone who has liked your page.
  • We recommend when liking a page, to please leave a comment on their page or send them a message that you are LIKING them from the FacebookLove Hop so you're LIKE is not overlooked.
  • After the Hop, check your Facebook SPAM content - Go to Edit Page, Activity Log and Spam which is over on the left sidebar. Facebook is known to SPAM comments or messages from others if multiple comments or messages are sent in a short period of time.
Don't forget to Tweet & Pin this Hop!

Now on to the Hop!

  FIRST Meet and 'LIKE' your Host and Co-hosts!  
Follow Melanie on Facebook Follow 2JustByou on Facebook Follow The Rollins House on Facebook
Mommy Mentionables (Host) Your co-hosts are the first 2 (labeled) spots on the link-up

Now It's Time to Linkup your Instagram account!

Follow your Host and a few others and get some new followers. Tweet The Instagram Hop If you are a blogger who hosts your own Link party, please list your party HERE, so we all know when to LINK-UP! If interested in becoming a co-host for next month, please send an email to

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meet & Greet Blog Hop #36

It's time to Meet & Greet!  This is your backstage pass to blogland, so come on back and join the fun.  

Angie from God's Growing Garden
Noor from Noor's Place
Winners please email us your buttons within 48 hours (or leave it as a comment), so that we can get you on our sidebars.  =0)
You'll be sponsored for the entire month of August!

Interested in being a Co-Host?
Send an email to 2justByou(at)gmail(dot)com with "Co-Host" in the subject line for consideration and include your blog link!

Meet Everyone! 
Our Get-to-Know-You Question: 
Should we retire the QOTW as a part of this hop? Or do you think we should keep it? What are your thoughts?

Kim - from 2 just B you: I like the QOTW, but if people don't want to participate and answer, then I'm afraid we'll have to retire it, even though I like it. So I'm anxious to hear everyone's answer for this QOTW! 

Laurie - from Created By Laurie: I like it, I think it is fun to read the answers in the comments when people participate. Though it isn’t much fun when no one answers  I would like to keep it, but we would need more participation. 

 *Co Host*
Kelly– from Art by Kelly Michelle: I definitely think you should keep the QOTW. I really like answering the questions. I think it makes the blog hop fun and interesting. 

*Our Featured Guest this Week*
Jessica– from MamaJama Quilts “I enjoy making quilted projects and gifts that bring comfort into the lives of the people I love.” Come check out her blog for sewing ideas and DIY tutorials!

Spread the Word,
Grab Our Button!

Your turn to answer the QOTW.
Should we retire the QOTW from the blog hop?

Link Up and Have Fun!
* Please be sure to follow the Hosts, Co-Hosts, and the Featured Guest! The Co-Hosts and Featured Guest will change each hop!

* If you would like to sign up for email reminders for the Meet & Greet Blog Hop, please sign up below. (Your email address and info will not be used for any other purpose.)

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Fans to Sales Webinar

Have you ever attended a Webinar?  I haven't, but there are a few that I've wanted to attend.  For any of you who have online shops, there's a free webinar taking place tomorrow evening that will be going over how to turn facebook fans into buyers.  Interested?  Check it out by clicking the image below:

The webinar is being giving by the author of Marketing Dodo, a great blog that is dedicated to helping small business owners succeed.  Lots of great tips and tricks on that blog, so stop by over there and check it out (tell him I sent ya!).  

In other news, we (my family's Etsy shop and my blog here) received an awesome Shout Out over at Powers of Love  Blog.  Please have a looky and give her some feedback!  She's asking a question, based on some advice I gave her on a possible new product for her Etsy shop.  =0)  Personally, I love her new product.  I ordered some as a special request, and my package is on its way now!  Yay!

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  Hope you all have a great day.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sick Again?

Yes, I'm sick again.  The infection I had came back, and I had to go back to the doc's office on Friday.  I have a whole new round of medicine to have to take, and another follow-up appointment this week.  =0(

So I wasn't online all that much over the weekend.  My email inbox is still filling up with a whole new pile of messages (and I wasn't even finished going through the last pile!).  I might not be online a whole lot this week, but I really need to get rid of this icky sickness.

I wanted to share a beautiful photo I found on Pinterest this past week, and a great blog post from a friend.  I'm sure you've seen images using the bokeh technique.  I personally LOVE these types of images.  This is the one I found on Pinterest most recently:

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Not sure what Bokeh is exactly?  Take a look at this short article that gives a quick definition as well as some lovely examples (including that one that I pinned up above):

Wanna try some bokeh editing with your iPhone?
My friend over Denysia at The L.A. It Girl shared some FREE Bokeh apps for iPhone last week!  Now, if I just had an iPhone...
Plus, Denysia just re-opened her Etsy shop - Comfortology - and she's having a 50% off sale (use code 50OFF) and a giveaway on her blog to celebrate!  Head on over and check it out.  =0)

Have a great Monday, everyone.  Thanks for visiting!
What did you do over the weekend?

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm Co-Hosting the You're Beautiful Link Up

This weekend I'm co-hosting a very special link up - You're Beautiful.
This link up shares the first ever photo of me (also #NoMakeup).
I believe in this organization and all that it stands for.  So I encourage you, link up and be beautiful, because I KNOW you are!
Support the Speak Now Movement with me.
Empower women.  Empower YOU.
It's easy 2justByou.

Ellie Coburn // | Courtney Pruitt //  All Things Unpredictable and Chic | Ashley Griffith // After Nine to Five | Kayla Leppelman // Love Sparkle Pretty | Emma // Emma Deer | LaurenVaughan // One Sweet Fairytale | Nina // Nina's Bargain Beauty | Kristine Foley // The Foley Fam | Shane Prather // Whispering Sweet Nothings | Keri-Anne Pink // gingerlilytea | Kara Kieran //  Kieran Honey Bee | Cassie Yielding // Live. Laugh. Love. | Kim Cee // | Ann Michele // Ann Michele's World | Ashlea Durrett // Ashlea with an A | Julie Grimmett // Julie is Coco and Cocoa | Laura Euler //  Storybook Reality 
Christine Rosko // Life with a side of coffee
Special Thanks to Sarah Moog for her ongoing contributions and tireless efforts towards the Speak Now Movement.
Speak Now is an empowerment program that exists to create community and inspiration for women globally. 
Each month, Speak Now creates a NEW way to get bloggers, women, and community members involved with our movement to spread  the unique philosophy that we are all beautiful regardless of shape, size, or circumstance. We are so wonderfully excited to reveal,  the 2nd "You're Beautiful" Link-Up.
Wonderful bloggers from all over the web have teamed up once again to help spread the "You're Beautiful" Link-Up and share with women everywhere just how beautiful they are.
Society today shares with us the ever-present challenge of feeling beautiful and worthy in all walks of life.
We're here to tell you that despite trends in fashion, media, and communication-
you are perfectly perfect being you.

Why do you think women are beautiful inside and out?
Tweet us about it. Status about us on Facebook. Or tag us in your instagram photos @womenspeaknow
Link-Up your blog below to support the Speak Now movement.
You don't have to write a post about us or advertise us in anyway. We want to see you being your than you so link up your most recent post, link us to your small business, or link us to a past post that makes you feel truer than true about women empowerment.
So link-up and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Remember that you're beautiful. & that being you is the best you can be.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

It's a Launch Party (+ Giveaway)

Many of you know that I am a Madison Street Beauty Affiliate, as can be seen with my dedicated 2Byoutify Page here on the blog.  (If you haven't checked it out, please take a peek!)
MSBaffilliate photo madison-street-beauty-logo_zpsc3b9a331.png

You can learn about how my love affair with MSB started by reading my earlier blog posts HERE and HERE.

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Quick re-cap of why MSB's products are so awesome:
*Never Expires 
*Never Tested on Animals 
*Oil & Talc Free 
*Great for all skin types
*Non-Toxic and 3-Free Nail Lacquer (awesome!)

So why is this a Launch Party?  Because earlier this week, Madison Street Beauty launched their brand new affiliate program with ShareASale.  ShareASale is an online program that brings merchants and affiliates together in one place for a common goal - spreading the word about great companies and products with the chance to earn some money while doing so.  Read more about the site HERE.

Why am I hosting another MSB Giveaway?  There are many reasons:
* I love to share great handmade products with you - my readers!
* I've had many friends tell me that they love the Smokey Set collections (so I chose one set as part of the prize)
* This makeup is AWESOME!  The company is AWESOME!
* A celebration/party always calls for a great giveaway.

Learn more about how YOU can become an affiliate, click the image below to check out the great (and FREE) opportunity!

The MSB Launch Party Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE, and ends 8/11/13 at midnight, Eastern Standard Time.  To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below (there's even a FREEBIE).  Good luck!
Spread the word and tell your friends.  All shout outs are much appreciated!  Tweet @2Byoutify!  =0)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Follower Appreciation Giveaway WINNER

We have a winner for the latest giveaway here at 2justByou Blog.

As part of the giveaway, the mandatory entry was to choose a favorite blog post.  This was Peggy's:

Congrats, Peggy!

Much thanks goes out to all my friendly followers, and to all those that entered the Follower Appreciation Giveaway.  Thanks for visiting, reading and letting me share my thoughts with you!  Stop by tomorrow, because a new giveaway will be starting, and you don't wanna miss it.

Many of you might have noticed that I've slowed down on the number of giveaways I offer during this busy summer season, but gear up for this coming fall, because there will be lots to win!  

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Passionfruit Bummer

Many bloggers use Passionfruit for blog ads, and I had just got on board last month.  Sadly, the days of FREE Passionfruit for selling, swapping and serving ads are now limited.  We're now on a countdown and have until September 1st for free use of the all new Passionfruit 2.0, as they're calling it.  All of the upgrades are really great, in fact.  But as of 9/1/13, a paid account will be required to use most of the Passionfruit services.  You can read all about it in their latest blog post HERE.  

Being that I had just started offering ads last month, I'm not sure that I'll continue using their services for selling ad space.  I haven't been offering paid sponsorships long enough to even have more than a small handful of sponsors at a time.  So maybe I'll just continue to use it for our own advertising use (that will still be free, covered by a fee when an ad space is purchased)  - I'm not sure yet.  I could always change my mind later, of course.  As I said above, the new upgrades are all great.  It just probably isn't for me yet.

Do you use Passionfruit?  Will you be upgrading to a paid account in September?
Speaking of FREE AD SPACE, though, if you join the Meet & Greet Blog Hop, you have a chance to win just that here at my blog and over at Created by Laurie.  That's Free Ad Space for 30 days, with two blogs.  =0)  What are you waiting for?  Come join the fun!  Just click below to read how you can enter to win some free ad space.


Have a great Thursday, everyone!  I'm still going to be working on catching up on tons of emails and other stuff.  Yeah...I'm still way behind on just about everything!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Words for my Wednesday

Today's Words for my Wednesday are all about PATIENCE.  Why?  Because I'm still not 100% over being sick, but I'm getting there!  I gotta have patience, right?  =0)

Available for purchase at virginiakraljevic

"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble."  Plautus

Do you have a quote, saying or words that you'd like to share?  Please do with a comment, and have a great Wednesday.  =0)

Click below to join us at Meet & Greet this week!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meet & Greet Blog Hop #35

The Meet & Greet Blog Hop is having a Giveaway! Want to know how to win? Two lucky participants will be randomly selected, and win a month of advertising on the host’s blogs. (2justByou and Created By Laurie) All you have to do to enter is participate! Be sure to follow the first 5 links (Hosts, Co-Host’s, Featured Guest) and leave a comment on each! The lucky winners will be announced on July 30th. Good luck!

Interested in being a Co-Host? 
Send an email to 2justByou(at)gmail(dot)com with "Co-Host" in the subject line for consideration and include your blog link!
Meet Everyone!
This week’s “Get to know you question”:
What's your favorite board game to play? 


Kim - from 2 just B you: I always liked Parcheesi, which is like the game Sorry!, mostly because I always won when we played! I liked Chinese Checkers too.

Laurie - from Created By Laurie: I enjoy card games the most, nothing to really set up! Spite and Malice is a fun one. I also like other games such as Scattergories, Taboo, and Catch a Phrase- which none are classified as board games either :) 

*Co Hosts*
Lisa – From One Red Shoe: We go beyond what may be considered the "traditional" board game in my household. My family loves fantasy and sci-fi, so we generally gravitate towards things such as Settlers of Catan, Dominion, etc. My favorite game, though, is a game called Talisman. It's a fantasy-based game with beautiful artwork and a dynamic gameplay that is never quite the same twice. It will take a couple hours of playtime, but totally fun and worth it for anyone who loves the genre.

Kelly– from Art by Kelly Michelle: I love playing Monopoly because I usually win at this game. I also like Scrabble because I like seeing the words we come up with. 

 *Our Featured Guest this Week*
  Fantasy Art Blog 

Spread the Word,
Grab our Button!

It's YOUR turn to answer the QOTW.
What's your favorite board game to play?
Now Link Up and Have Fun!
* Please be sure to follow the Hosts, Co-Hosts, and the Featured Guest!
The Co-Hosts and Featured Guest will change each hop! * 

If you would like to sign up for email reminders for the Meet & Greet Blog Hop, please sign up below. (Your email address and info will not be used for any other purpose.) 

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You Are Beautiful

As expected, I've been super busy with catching up on TONS of stuff that I didn't get to last week.  So today, I want to share Operation Beautiful with you over at Whispering Sweet Nothings (one of my all-time favorite blogs).  Don't know what Operation Beautiful is?  It's a project that makes you think about what makes YOU beautiful.  We're all beautiful, and this project allows us to explore exactly how we are and why.  Check it out and send in YOUR entry!  =0)

What's your definition of being beautiful?  
This is mine:
Beauty is the confidence and happiness for one's inner glow to be seen on the outside.  Sometimes we just have to find it, embrace it, and let it shine for all to see.

Today I challenge you to open your eyes just a little bit wider and see all the beauty that's around you!
Have a great and beautiful day.  =0)

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Monday, July 22, 2013

What's Hot: Foam Hand Soap & Mouthwash DIYs

This week I'll be catching up on lots of things that I didn't get to last week.  I've got lots of follow-backs to work through, and I know it might take me awhile, so wish me luck!  For today's post, I thought I'd share some very popular re-pins from Pinterest.  They are both DIY pins, from two really awesome blogs.

 I pinned it from Make it or Fix it Yourself! - a really great blog you should definitely check out for more inspiration and ideas.  I am SO trying this real soon.

It was a guest post on Rebecca's Soap Deli News earlier this month.
This blog is one that I am constantly pinning from, seriously!

I also want to share a couple of finds that I re-pinned lately.
For these, I'm using the Pinterest widget-builder, which doesn't always work for me.  Once again, I'm testing it out.

Wanna re-pin them?  Go right ahead!  =0)  You can also click on the titles & images to go straight to the pins and re-pin from there.  
Do you have any great pins to share?  Leave the link for me in a comment, and I'll check it out.

Update: The Pinterest widgets didn't work today, so I apologize for that.  Maybe I'll add the two that were supposed to featured another day.

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