Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meet & Greet Blog Hop #35

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Meet Everyone!
This week’s “Get to know you question”:
What's your favorite board game to play? 


Kim - from 2 just B you: I always liked Parcheesi, which is like the game Sorry!, mostly because I always won when we played! I liked Chinese Checkers too.

Laurie - from Created By Laurie: I enjoy card games the most, nothing to really set up! Spite and Malice is a fun one. I also like other games such as Scattergories, Taboo, and Catch a Phrase- which none are classified as board games either :) 

*Co Hosts*
Lisa – From One Red Shoe: We go beyond what may be considered the "traditional" board game in my household. My family loves fantasy and sci-fi, so we generally gravitate towards things such as Settlers of Catan, Dominion, etc. My favorite game, though, is a game called Talisman. It's a fantasy-based game with beautiful artwork and a dynamic gameplay that is never quite the same twice. It will take a couple hours of playtime, but totally fun and worth it for anyone who loves the genre.

Kelly– from Art by Kelly Michelle: I love playing Monopoly because I usually win at this game. I also like Scrabble because I like seeing the words we come up with. 

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  Fantasy Art Blog 

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What's your favorite board game to play?
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Yuen Lim said...

To be fair, I don't really play many board games... but I do like Monopoly(:

The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

Lisa said...

I like trivia games. I'm really good at them (except the original Trivial Pursuit because the questions are older than me!).

Noor said...

I never got too much into board games , but I loved monopoly anyways . "Money-bank-cheats, woohoo".
Noor @ Noor's Place

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

My family likes to play Scrabble a bit differently... If you can explain the word, you can have the word. 'So much fun! No dictionary needed, just silliness and laughter! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Angelique Ouellette-Tower said...

Thanks for hosting! I'm like Laurie - my favorite games are card games (Euchre & Cribbage) but then in third place is a board game - the same as Lisa "Settlers of Catan".

Lynn Huntley said...

My family loves to play ALL board games:) We started playing board when we spent time at our cottage in the summer:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

Powers Of Love said...

My favorite board game is Monopoly...although it tends to go on and on forever. LOL

Jia Wun said...

My favourite board game would probably have to be.. Monopoly. I don't play a ton of board games so.. haha! :)

Nina s said...

Hmmmm Board games ok i do love Monopoly but I love Twister its hilarious especially at parties and there is alot playing such a laugh :) :)