Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Fun Pinterest Challenge

I admit, I am a Pin-aholic (at times).  And to make the addiction a little bit worse (or better, in my opinion), I've just found a Pinterest Challenge!  Oh yes...If you're an avid pinner, you've got to join the Let's Get Pintimate Pinterest Challenge for August with me!

To give a quick overview, each participating pinner creates a new board with the monthly theme (August is "Festival Fever") and then pins away.  At the end of the challenge, a Pin-timate Champ is chosen and wins a super secret prize, along with ad space at one of my most favorite blogs in the blogosphere, Whispering Sweet Nothings.  

So what are you waiting for?  Let's get Pintimate!!!  I love a good challenge, don't you?

Here are just a couple of pins that I've already added to my board.  =0)

A Lantern Festival
(This reminds me of the Disney movie Tangled.)

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Fried Asparagus from Stockton, CA's
Asparagus Festival
(My family and I went to this festival earlier this year!)

Don't forget that there are LOTS of great giveaways going on right now here at 2justByou Blog.  All giveaways can be found by using the buttons in the upper right corner.  =0)

See you back here tonight at 10 PM, Eastern time for Meet & Greet!  Come back on over and link up your family friendly blog with us.

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yonca said...

Oh..fried asparagus looks delicious :)xx

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

Fun! I'll have to join up with this when I get home from my trip. :)

Lanas Art Studio lanasart said...

Thank you for sharing...seems like fun adventure! I will try!

Lanas Art Studio lanasart said...
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Stephanie said...

This looks like fun! I will have to join as well :)

kate whitaker said...

hi! i absolutely love your blog, its beautifully written ad very engaging. i love the layout.

it would mean a lot if would check out my blog!
and would you like to follow each other? :)


Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for sharing... I linked up because, well, I love Pinterest!

Wishing you a lovely day.