Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back-to-School Today

This is it: The first day back to school. And to prepare for the big day, we did some school supply shopping - my favorite end of summer activity!  Take a look at the back-to-school haul.

The Basics (for the bigger kids, grades 6 and 11):

* Three-Ring Binders
* Binder Filler Paper
* Pens/Pencils
* Highlighters
* Folders
* Subject Dividers
* Planner
* Index Cards
* Post-it Flags

Our MUST-Have list included Sharpie Highlighters (the thick ones), mechanical pencils (always gotta be the 0.5 size), extra lead and a pencil sharpener.  Not shown are the No. 2 pencils in yellow, which we always buy, because you know there are the times when you run out of lead and need a pencil.

For the smaller kiddo (starting 2nd grade):

* Brand new pack of crayons
* New pencil box
* Glue Sticks
* Pencil Sharpener
* Folders

And for his eczema (the items not shown):
* His creams and ointments, band-aids, alcohol-free hand sanitizer & tissue

While I know that we'll be headed back to the store for some specific items (always requested at the beginning of the year), we pretty much got all the basics covered.

I had always tried to be prepared when I went to school, but there's always the couple of things that you have to go back and get.  Like this year, my oldest daughter will probably need a new calculator for math.  She's taking Trigonometry!  And I know we'll need to go back and get erasers (the store had been sold out when we went).

What was (or is) always on your back-to-school list?

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Noor said...

Planners are seriously a BIG need for me ;)I always love to see supplies .
Noor @ Noor's Place

Melissa at said...

I miss back to school supply shopping! I hope your kids have a great first day back!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I used to love back to school shopping! I was a total nerd. Hopefully your kids are just as excited. :)

Debbi Huntington said...

I always waiting till after the first day of school (except for some pencils and a notepad) because I discovered that they never used half the stuff that was on the generic school list. And now with homeschooling Hannah, all I need is a new laptop. loll

Denysia Yu said...

I remember back to school shopping! I haven't had to go to school since 2010, but I would say one thing I always needed, was a 1 inch binder! :)

xx Denysia Yu

Mossy Jojo said...

I'm glad that my kids are still too young for back to school shopping :) very well organised kim! :)

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I've always LOVED back to school shopping. Sadly, I don't need a ton of materials this time around, especially now that I have all of my drawing materials. But I can live vicariously through you, haha.

Dana Haddon said...

I miss back to school shopping with my son. Looks like you've got it covered!

Karen Sans said...

I used to love the back to school goodies. I do have to admit that my heart would sink whenever school supplies would start showing up in the stores though. It would remind me that summer wasn't going to last forever.

Ilona PaperPassion said...

Looks like you have everything. We went yesterday to buy supplies but not everything we got. We have to finish today:)