Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello, September. Goodbye, Passionfruit.

I can't believe that we're welcoming the month of September already. Where does the time go? Seriously!

With the start of the new month, I had to make a decision about Passionfruit. In late July, Passionfruit (a service that many bloggers use) announced a new monthly fee for use of offering ads for sale. I had to decide: Do I want to pay $9 per month for their awesome services??? The downside (which I discussed in an earlier post) is that I had just barely started using Passionfruit before this announcement was made! Because of this, I've decided not to pay the monthly fee. I will still use Passionfruit to purchase ads, but I'll be finding an alternative to sell ads here at 2justByou.

If you use Passionfruit and are not upgrading, you can read about the changes and how it will affect your account HERE.

As one possible alternative, I've found, which is much like Passionfruit. The only con so far is that adproval doesn't use Paypal and instead uses Amazon payments (which I don't have set up). 

Another alternative is to set something up on my own using Paypal checkout. 

I am still undecided as to which route I'll be taking, but both seem like good alternatives to me. In the end, who knows? Maybe I'll just try Passionfruit for a month or so to see how it goes.

While I get all sponsorship ads set up, you can still visit my Sponsor Page. We're always happy to do a product review and/or giveaway. It's FREE of charge! =0)

Do you sell ad space on your blog or website? If so, do you use a service?

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Areeba said...

I was in a shock that what's going with PF. But I think their services are beyond awesome. I have paid them for my first month! It's really easy to work with it.

Angela said...

It is hard to believe it s Sept already. I don't sell ads yet but I ve been trying to make connections with bloggers for ways to market a book I ll have coming out later this Fall. I will ad you to my list of people to check in with when everything is ready here soon.

Isa said...

I don't know, I think it's fair to have to pay - it's a big service. But I guess only if you're making enough to cover that plus some.

Noor said...

I had the same concerns but I upgraded any ways . But only for a month . Let's see whether it works or not :)
Noor @ Noor's Place

Anne K. said...

I did not continue my subscription to PF as I don't want to pay $9/month. It's not gonna work for me as I don't really make that much on my blog.

Tiffany Khyla said...

I really hate that Passionfruit decided to make people pay for their services, because they really are perfect in the way that they offer ads and such. I made the switch to Adproval, which is great, but it's also limited in the services it offers. 1) The offering page doesn't look as pretty. 2) You can't look at the current ads that you're running on other websites; therefore, you can't edit your ad artwork or keep track of which ads you're currently running. Sigh. Frustrating.

Elizabeth Lynn said...

Adproval is a really great free alternative to PF. Customizations are limited at the moment but they are working to make it a lot better. For me it was definitely worth the switch! Southern Beauty Guide has a great post about what services are coming next too!

Dana said...

I actually never got around to using passionfruit.. because I saw that coming. :\ And well.. don't rely on ads on my blog much and it's always nice when I get an email from a potential sponsor asking about this and that before we agree on something. :) Hope you find a way to make it work on your lovely blog though Kim!

Sian Whitehall said...

It would be great if an enterprising company sees Passionfruit Ads new charges as an opportunity and starts offering a similar service as Passionfruit Ads without the monthly charge.

Additionsstyle said...

I had to let Passionfruit go as well, I just could not see paying that monthly fee. Happy September, I hope you have a great month.
Everyday Inspired