Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eczema Awareness Month

Happy October, everyone! October is home to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I support the cause each and every year. However, it is also a month dedicated to another great cause close to my heart - Eczema Awareness Month.

My two youngest children have eczemaAnd since July of this year, I do too. 
I can't tell you how many times I've wished that I had eczema instead of my son, who had a very severe case (which even included a few hospitalizations). My daughter's case is mild in comparison and pretty easy to manage. Over the summer, a small rash appeared on my hands. Then it spread to my face, then my arms, and slowly, it spread to my entire body. Because of treating my son and daughter for so many years, I knew what to do. But that doesn't mean it took away the itch, or the burning, at all. 

I didn't even go to the doctor at first, because I knew what they were going to tell me. I began to treat my skin with my son's daily skin care routine, hoping that it would go away. Then I got an infection, so I was forced to make an appointment! They told me what I had thought...I needed antibiotics for the infection and - it's eczema

I thought back to times when I was so frustrated with my son for scratching the itch, even when he knew it made it worse (this still happens on occasion, but he's SO much better at being able to control scratching now). I think of how I sometimes get angry because he doesn't want to take a bath (water makes it burn - and now I know JUST how bad it feels). He is seven years old now. And his skin is the clearest it has EVER been (without the use of heavy steroids or other medicines). In fact, just last week the principal told my son that his skin was looking great! Just when my son is getting better, that's when I get eczema. But...I'd rather have it than him. That's fine by me.

The National Eczema Association (NEA) helped me learn more about the condition (and I read lots of books and articles). It provided some really great tools, like the Tools for School kit that includes an informational packet for when children with eczema start attending school - designed to help parents and teachers give kids with eczema the best school experience possible.

Throughout the month I'll be sharing some of our skin care favorites and other stories about our battle with this condition. Until then, I really hope you'll check out the National Eczema Association and consider donating for the cause. Even just $1 helps, because every little bit helps.

Learn more about NEA. CLICK HERE.
Spread the word. Help me raise awareness this month. Share this post. Share the NEA Website. Make a difference.

Do you know anyone with eczema? 
Share a story with me. I'd love to read it. =0)

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Eyelah said...

Didn't know there was an eczema awareness month. I have had eczema my entire life and it comes and goes at varying degrees. My eczema is triggered by my asthma. Whenever I'm having an distress or if I encounter something I'm allergic too that is usually when my eczema breaks out. Unfortunately, I always have it and it won't go away but right now it's only in small patches around my body so it's not too bad.

Crimson Hill said...

Hi Kim!

Sorry to hear you are now dealing with eczema but glad your son is improving!

Heather Duncan said...

My son has had it since birth. He's 13 now. It seemed to have moved around his body at various times. Right now most of the rash is on his eyelids (so of course people think he has conjunctivitis) and in his ear canal. I have a hard time treating it because of the locations of it. I also notice that when he flares, he is usually stressing out about something and when his allergies are bothering him.

Kelly said...

Ugh, yes, my five year old has excema! It is so frustrating. We've eliminated some foods from his diet and it's helped a lot. Looking forward to your posts on this!

Jen W. said...

I have had eczema since I was a small child and 3 out of my 6 kids have it as well. The more natural the products are the better it has worked for us.

May Chiu said...

Hi Kim,

Thank you for sharing this post! I had no idea it was Eczema Awareness Month. Not many know about it or how it can affect a person. Take care!