Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love for Pillow Kisses {Product Review & GIVEAWAY}

I must confess, I've never owned decorative pillows. It's just never been something I had even thought of, because I never saw it as something we needed. It was always something for my "dream home" instead. You  know, something to add to my Pinterest boards. 

Well, a dear bloggy friend of mine started a new business offering beautifully handmade decorative pillow cases and asked me if I would like to do a product review. Of course, I said yes! I jumped at the chance to finally own a decorative pillow - and a handmade one, at that. =0) Gotta love it. Plus, I had a 16x16 pillow already waiting in my closet that I had bought awhile ago at a really awesome sale price, thinking I might eventually decorate (but never got to it). Perfect, right?

Here's all the info about our new pillow cover:
 It is all about * beautiful * well-made * decorative pillow cases of all styles * 100% hand-made * various selection * from modern to traditional * to exotic to classic-elegant * from a smoke-free & pet-free environment.

Product Description:
size: 17x17
close: envelope closure at the back
front & back fabric are the same
all inside seams are serged to prevent fraying and for durability
wash cold, air dry only
pillow case only - pillow or pillow form not included

My Review:
Our sofas are black, so this cover matched wonderfully. The fabric is pretty, as well as strong. It's thick and I know it will be durable (which is a very good thing for our family. Yes, you can imagine pillow fights ensuing...It happens, and often). Speaking of durability, the case is extremely well made. Here's a photo of front and back views (left & right, respectively):
The envelope closure at the back makes it easy to get the cover on and off the pillow, for easy cleaning. It was sewn well, with care. The pillow that I used is a size 16x16, but there's a lot of room, so I know an 18x18 pillow size would fit nice and snug. Either size could work.

We love our Pillow Kisses pillow cover! The only thing that I don't like is the "air dry only" part. Because if I throw it in the washing machine, I might forget to take it out and let it air dry instead of popping it into the dryer. But lots of decorative pillows are "spot clean only," so I'm just glad that these covers are washable (another good thing for my family). I need to make sure I remember to air dry, iron, and put my pretty cover back on my pilllow. Which, by the way, I've already done once. The case washes well, and didn't fade at all with the first wash. (Another star on the durability category and being well-made!)
We've got LOVE for Pillow Kisses!

Here's a Q&A session with Rea, owner of Pillow Kisses:

Q: What made you want to start making pillow cases?
I love fabulous patterns, interesting textures & bold colors.  While I love all these, I cannot showcase everything in my own home that is why I started making and then selling pillow covers.  I have this certain excitement that my pillow covers will bring a whole new look and be a part of your home.

Q: How did you choose your shop name?
Pillow Kisses was chosen because I was thinking of pillow cases and what would sound a little bit like that and also to tell you that you will start kissing your pillows when you buy our pillow covers!

Q: Do you think you will add new products besides pillow cases in the future?
I am hoping for that to happen in the near future.  I am currently exploring fabric tote bags & fabric body bags.

Q: So far, do you like Storenvy or Etsy better? Pros/cons of both?
So far Storenvy & Etsy are both serving my needs at of this time but to answer the pros/cons of both.
Pro - It is already established and it seems like it is drawing more shoppers
Con - There is a listing fee
Pro - It is 100% & has unlimited listing
Con - Fairly new in the web & yet to be discovered

Q: Is there anything special you'd like readers to know about your shop?
We have an ongoing promo for all 2justByou Readers!
Etsy Coupon Code - BEYOU10 (ALL ITEMS 10% OFF UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2013)
Storenvy Coupon Code - BEYOU10 (ALL ITEMS 10% OFF UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2013)

Where can you find Pillow Kisses online??? 
*Pillow Kisses Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/PillowKisses
And good news...YOU COULD WIN a pillow cover from Pillow Kisses! One lucky 2justByou reader will win a Floral Black & Brown decorative pillow cover with gold detail (shown above with a clickable image). It's a perfect fall choice, as the colors are rich and warm. It's really beautiful! Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on October 31st at midnight, Eastern Standard Time. Enter with the Rafflecopter form below. Much luck to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
And remember, the coupon code mentioned above is good for the rest of the entire year of 2013!!!  =0)

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a pillow cover in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Holly said...

The pillows are gorgeous, and I love the envelope closure on the back. With cats and a young child, button backs make me nervous! My favorite in her shop would have to be the Richloom Bircham cover - I love the pattern on them!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Crossing my fingers.

Miss Val's Creations said...

The pillow covers are beautiful! I have 2 cats who like to destroy fabrics (although not intentionally). I would love to have pretty accent pillows but for this reason I don't. :( I love the fabric of those you received! Easy to care for is a beautiful thing.

Birgit said...

I love the Dalgety Panorama Tuxedo in Black & White Decorative Pillow Cover!

Stephanie LaPlante said...

My favorite pillow is the one in the giveaway. My second favorite is the Keepsake Calico Andover Floral Cream Decorative Pillow Cover.


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

I have been itching to redecorate! The swavelle mill creek pillow would go with my current living room though!

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Love the pattern on the first pillow.

Joni Mitchell said...

i like a lot of them but I think I like the dalgena panarama the most since it matches the living room

Lisa Graham said...

My favorite pillow design is the Round & Floral Swirls in Purple Decorative Pillow Cover. It is very pretty.

Rea T said...

thanks for hosting a giveaway for pillow kisses pillow covers kim! your review is awesome too!!

goodluck to the raffle winner!!


Diane VintageZest said...

I like the Swavelle Mill Creek Decorative Pillow Cover, but there are many lovely ones!

Sandy Ramsey said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post! I have been looking for new pillows for my vintage couch and can't find any I love that aren't too expensive. This is perfect timing and I will definitely have to check these out!

courtney gibson said...

I like them all but my favorite one has to be the swavelle mill creek i love the design and i think the colors go good with it.

eclairre said...


Sveta Damiani said...

my favorite item is https://www.etsy.com/listing/160308468/richloom-bircham-red-floral-decorative?ref=shop_home_active

Maegan Morin said...

I love this blue butterfly one: https://www.etsy.com/listing/160366228/decorative-throw-pillow-cover-brocade?ref=shop_home_active

livingbelowtheclouds said...

Name used on rafflecopter: Joana Bento

My favorite is the Swavelle Mill Creek Decorative Pillow Cover!

Filipa Tavares said...

https://www.etsy.com/listing/165309932/keepsake-calico-andover-floral-cream?ref=shop_home_active Love it!

Filipa T.
paracetamol20@hotmail. om

Mary Preston said...

I love the :Decorative Throw Pillow Cover-Brocade Gold Butterfly on Navy.

Sekhmet said...

I like https://www.etsy.com/listing/165323185/round-floral-swirls-in-purple-decorative?ref=shop_home_active


Glo said...

I like: http://www.etsy.com/it/listing/160291922/dalgety-panorama-tuxedo-in-black-white?ref=shop_home_active

Wajiha Sajid said...

I like Floral Spring Decorative Pillow Cover.

rusty said...

Def this one: https://www.etsy.com/se-en/listing/165314116/floral-black-brown-decorative-pillow?ref=shop_home_active

Helena Oops said...

Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
i m entering with pleasure!
I love this wonderful pillow with his beautiful flowers:
I crosss my fingers!

Helena Oops said...

Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
i m entering with pleasure!
I love this wonderful pillow with his beautiful flowers:
I crosss my fingers!

Divya Asha said...

My favorite pillow cover from the shop is Decorative Throw Pillow Cover-Brocade Gold Butterfly on Navy (http://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/160366228/decorative-throw-pillow-cover-brocade?ref=shop_home_active)

Alenia said...

Great giveaway, thank you!
Here's my fav pillow: https://www.etsy.com/it/listing/165311466/brown-traditional-damask-decorative?ref=shop_home_active


Aparna Singh said...

I love this one...

its so pretty! ^_^

Slađana Sušilović said...

I love this one:

melissa cushing said...

I love the Richloom Bircham Red Floral Decorative Pillow Covers!!!! Very beautiful pattern! Thanks you so much for the amazing giveaway!!!

IngerFaraHarpa said...

I love the: Keepsake Calico Andover Floral Cream Decorative Pillow Cover

Catarina Martins said...


Ana Paula Pais said...

A almofada que eu mais gosto é esta:

são linda, amei todas, mas esta é a mais adorável.

Bee W Bedard said...

i like: Round & Floral Swirls in Purple Decorative Pillow Cover

jennifer57 said...


kiti iti said...

thanks for giving me a chance
my favorite pillow is :round and floral swirls in pur

Petra Black said...

I love this one: https://www.etsy.com/listing/160311794/swavelle-mill-creek-decorative-pillow?ref=shop_home_active

Casey Olson said...


Jayne said...

I like this cute Round & Floral Swirls in Purple Decorative Pillow Cover.

kmcgrew213 said...


Aleksandra Lesniak said...

Great giveaway! I love the Richloom Bircham Red Floral pillow case.

ajeep said...


Ewelina S. F. said...

nice things!;)

follow me?--------------->http://redlips-evelinafashion.blogspot.com/

sheree said...

I love the keepsake calico

susie king said...

Round & Floral Swirls in Purple Decorative Pillow Cover is my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity.

elaine r said...

I like the Floral Spring Pillow Cover- bright and cheerful!

Natalie Yeoman said...

Zebra print in black and white

Alexandru Rusu said...

My favourite is Floral Black & Brown Decorative Pillow Cover

Zita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zita said...

My favorite is the Floral Black and Brown Decorative Pillow Cover. I just love the intricate detail put into it..i also really like the fact that it shimmers gold. it must have taken a lot of work to create such beauty hand made! If I had it i would just admire it and hug it all the time. such a beautiful thing to have in the living room, I do genuinely mean it. i think it's great that you're having a giveaway. I hope I'll win! :D

Misha Estrada said...

I like the Floral Spring design.

Aldina Rafael said...

My favourite is: http://www.etsy.com/pt/listing/160290184/mixed-color-with-chevron-patterns?ref=shop_home_active

Αντριαννα Μορ said...

Round & Floral Swirls in Purple Decorative Pillow Cover (http://www.etsy.com/listing/165323185/round-floral-swirls-in-purple-decorative?ref=shop_home_active )
This is my favorite.

Good Luck Guys :3

gabus1217_8 said...


Lyudmila said...

I liked Floral Spring Decorative Pillow Cover https://www.etsy.com/ru/listing/165321347/floral-spring-decorative-pillow-cover?ref=shop_home_active
lusizova at gmail.com

Marilena Kat said...


lmurley2000 said...

I love the Keepsake Calico Andover Floral Cream Decorative Pillow Cover


Harija said...

Nice post

My Lyfe ; My Story
@MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥