Friday, November 22, 2013

Music & Silence

I used to be one that needed music for everything as background noise. It didn't matter what kind of music, as long as music was being played. I needed it to do my homework. I seriously could not do homework without music playing in the background. 

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Now that I am older (and have a house full of kids & noise), I have learned to appreciate moments of silence as well. 

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So another thing to add on my list of things that I am grateful for is actually noise: the sounds of music & silence. I love and appreciate both, and I am glad that I can hear them. Music is a universal language, though, and silence is something that can speak for itself. Even the deaf can feel music through its rhythm and beats, which I think is amazing. Music even speaks in silence. How great is that?

What about you? What "noise(s)" are you grateful for?
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Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Completely agree about learning to appreciate silence. I'm in my late 20s now, and it's funny to think back to how I was even 5 years ago. I HAD to have something playing. But now, when I get home from my design classes I just want to sit there and be quiet. It's like my brain is overloaded, haha.

Holly Kinley said...

I am so with you! I always needed something on, even if it was just TV for background noise. Now having a child, where it's noisy all day long, I appreciate the quietness at the end of the night. Especially around this time of year, when my sons getting B-day and X-mas gifts and I'm listening to the same songs over and over on his electronic toys, and my husbands getting loud games for the PS3, I love having everything shut off.

Lisa Haley said...

In a blended-family home, the best noise is the sound of the boys getting along together, just like brothers should. Sure did take us a while to get here, and sometimes I wasn't sure we'd ever get to this point.

Ashley Duggan-Smith said...

This is such a beautiful post, I couldn't agree more! I am the opposite, I have to have complete silence in order to concentrate on something, but I love listening to music and going to concerts!

Galaxia, a Nail Care Enthusiast ♥ said...

I've always loved my silence, but I'm trying to listen to more music!

Melissa at said...

I remember having to constantly play music to do homework to college too. Now I feel like I need silence to concentrate. My husband works in the music industry and funny enough, we don't listen to a ton of music as home. (The car is a different story.)

Edwin Smith said...

You can't make a record until you have a complete silence in your studio other wise you can't get the great reviews on your records.

Allen said...

I used my studio headphones to know more about the background noise which help me for clear noises that i need in my songs during recording. Which help me to produce up beat tones.