Thursday, December 12, 2013

Catching Our Coughs

It was just a few short weeks ago that three of my kids were pretty sick with the flu. Here we are, mid-December, and ALL FOUR of my kids have a nasty cough. And I mean, it's a nasty cough!

My youngest son missed school Monday and Tuesday this week. He thought he was feeling well enough to attend school yesterday, but I got a phone call before the day was over that he was in the nurse's office. =0(
What's worse is that this is their last week of school before their Christmas Winter Break, so I'm sure he really tried to go to school so as not to miss out on the "last week of school" festivities. Gotta give my poor little guy some credit for trying. He's home again today, and we'll see how he's doing for tomorrow.

Baby Girl is super sick with the same nasty cough. After going to the Urgent Care Center yesterday, she has to have some antibiotics too. It's such a bummer, because my kids seem to get sick no matter what we do. They've had their flu shots, but three out of four caught the flu this year!

And now, I can already start to feel that tingle in my throat letting me know that it's about to be sore. The cough is starting for me, and I can only hope I don't get super sick...Wish me luck with that.

How can you stay healthy when everyone around you is sick?

One thing that we learned when my oldest daughter was at daycare and preschool is to "catch our coughs," using the inside of our elbows. There are even "Cover Your Cough" posters that you usually see in the doctor's offices or other places (one shown above). Have you seen them? You can download the poster and share it in your home or with the community - just CLICK HERE. It's available in 13 languages.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has some good resources. Lots of information is for health care professionals, but there are some for the general public as well. There's A Guide for Parents about The Flu with some helpful prevention tips on Page 2. I also found the Cover Your Cough poster from a link within the CDC website. =0)

People still cover their mouths with their hands, so I think it's important to spread the word. It's easy for us adults to revert back to what we were taught (using our hands), which makes it all the more important to teach our kids the right way to "catch your cough" the newer way. 

Another thing that comes in handy...Hand Sanitizer! It can be a real life-saver during cold and flu season. We use an alcohol-free variety (safer for small children and great for sensitive skin - like our eczema). Here's one of our favorites from Babyganics (shown in Tangerine scent, but we buy unscented). There's another brand new brand of alcohol-free that we've just tried, but I'm saving that post for another day.

Next, let's talk disinfecting! Each year, we try to donate some disinfectant spray or wipes to my kids' classrooms. As the class is getting ready to end the day, clean up is a part of the routine. They often wipe down their desks, and disinfectant wipes are a favorite among teachers. Babyganics has some great all-purpose surface wipes, but there's also good ole Lysol disinfectant spray too. =0)

How do you prevent colds and the flu? Do you get sick every year, no matter how hard you try not to?

Just remember what we always tell our kids (and ourselves)...Catch your cough!

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*** Disclosure: This is a NON-sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I am sharing a product that our family uses and that we highly recommend. We have not been compensated in any way for publishing this post.

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Holly via said...

Oh no! Hope they get better soon, that's never any fun. And take the time to take care of yourself too! My son had the sniffles and a fever yesterday but is better today thankfully

And I agree with elbows for coughs. I had a friend who was a chef, where it was a must for the kitchen, and he would always yell at me for using my hand. Taught me real quick haha

Handmade Cuties said...

It really sucks to be sick...especially during this time of the year :( Hope the cold decides not to mess around with you! Thanks for sharing the poster. It's always a good reminder. "Catch Your Cough" - I like that!

Take Care.

CJ said...

I feel your pain. The flu is absolutely awful. Kiddie germs will kill ya' if you don't watch it. I wash my hands so much they look 100 years old!

The Art Bug said...

I hope the kids get better soon and don't miss the last week before the break....thanks for sharing the prevention tips, I use sanitizer while we are out at public places, but when it has to happen it does, thankfully the weather here in Singapore suits us (touch wood!). Take care!

Hena Tayeb said...

hope everyone starts to feel better soon

Erica D said...

I absolutely can't stand being sick! I hate when I have so much to do and my mind is sharp and ready to get on with it but my body won't let me! Not to mention the stuffy nose that keeps you up! It is so easy for kids to pick up colds at school.


Shawn @ Fruity N Nutty said...

Hope you're kids feel better soon! I definitely feel their pain since I have a cold myself. No symptoms of a hacking cough yet though. Fingers crossed.

Melissa at said...

I hope your poor kids feel better soon! I am just getting over a lingering sinus and chest cold. I always make sure to cough in my elbow!

Mossy Jojo said...

Oh it's not easy looking after sick kids .. And you have four! Thanks for sharing about catching cough with elbow. I never heard it. I wash my hands more often when a family member sick. It always helps.

AdelaidesCorner said...

Goodness, you certainly have your hands full. I hope everyone is better soon. It's good to be reminded about how we can stop some of the germ spreading. Take care of yourself, too.

Glenda K said...

My son is always catching a cold bc he forgets to watch his his. I loveeee using the Lysol spray too! Your new follower