Monday, January 20, 2014

Join the Club {Mommy's Club: Buy & Try Product Review}

I've been using Mommy's Club products for two weeks now, and I am so pleased to say that every product I purchased, my family is LOVING. Absolutely loving! If you want to read a short intro about how I was introduced to the club, click HERE.

I placed my first order on 12/18/13 and received my Personal Skin Care Bundle on New Year's Eve. Free shipping was provided (it's provided on all orders of $50 or more). 

The Personal Skin Care Bundle includes:
1 - 8 oz Baby Shampoo
2 - 1 oz Rash & Remedy Skin Relief
1 - 7 oz Baby Foaming Wash
1 - 8 oz Baby Lotion
2 - 1 oz Perfect Touch Sanitizers
2 - 4 oz Perfect Touch Sanitizers
1 - 7 oz Daily Cleansing Foam

I've already discussed how my family started using natural remedies for my son's (and now my) eczema. You can check out the previous posts HERE and HERE. I've also shared some of our other favorite skin care products HERE and HERE. I'm telling you right now that Mommy's Club has (and/or will have) products that will blow you away. I mean: Blow. You. Away.

Mommy's Club products are:
* Eco-Cert
* Organic
* Natural
* Certified Toxic-Free
* Not tested on animals
* SAFE for your family

For right now, I'm going to highlight just a couple of the products (for time's sake & length of this post).

The first one I want to share is the

This is the product that was first given to me by my son's teacher. I admit, I didn't use it on myself very much. I used it on the back of my hands about once a day and saw results after just two uses. So I started using it on my son & daughter only. I wanted them to see the benefits first. As children, they needed it more than me.
Here's a quick video about this awesome product:

It doesn't burn when applied to open, cracked skin! This is HUGE. It's the deal-breaker for me, because so many of the remedies and medicines we've tried (especially for my son, who has had open wounds much of the time) have had that burning and stinging sensation. It shouldn't be painful to be helpful.

I'm going to share before and after photos of my neck with eczema patches. It's not all the way gone, but it's way better. Most of the redness is gone, and the skin is smooth to the touch.

The second product I want to share is the

This stuff has been dubbed by some users as the "Miracle Foam" because of its many versatile uses. You can use it as a No-Rinse hand wash (that's one of my favorites!). You can use it to clean counter tops, windows, carpets, as stain-remover and more. Seriously, how awesome is that? CLICK HERE to view the video on this one.


If there is one thing that my family spends money on, it's skin care.

We've bought high-end, low-end, brand name and generic. Some of them include: Aveeno, California Baby, BabyGanics, Aquaphor, Eucerin, Cetaphil, First Aid Beauty, La Roche-Posay and more. And natural goodies too, like: Organic Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera plant, Chinese herbs, specially formulated handmade blends of these, and more!
Products from Mommy's Club are affordable. For being toxic-free, organic and all natural, their prices are extremely competitive - especially if you're a member of the club, because you get discounted pricing. It's like having a membership at Costco and Sam's Club (we have both of those too).

Some Mommy's Club items are even better than super high-end, brand name products that we've tried, because they are so unique. Hubby was blown away by the No-Rinse formula of the Baby Foaming Wash. "What? You don't need water?" Nope, you don't need water! Perfect for camping, and...The list goes on and on.

Keep in mind that this company is still in its start-up stages. This is just the beginning. They will have many, many more products coming to make our homes healthier places to live (and I can't wait).

A couple of things that I look forward to from Mommy's Club: 

* I would love their products to also be offered in unscented versions. Although their scents are extremely light and safe for sensitive skin, I would still love to have unscented versions available to purchase.

* More products for the home, such as: laundry detergent, eco-friendly cleansing wipes, dish soap, etc. 
I am certain that these are in the works, though. Right now the only products that are in the "household" category are the Daily Cleansing Foam and the Perfect Touch Sanitizer, so you know that they are planning to add to the category and expand. =0)


So, thanks for sticking with me and reading this product review. If you're interested in trying these products, visit Mommy's Club and place an order. I really don't think you'll be disappointed. I'm super confident that you'll love what they offer. On top of it all, the customer service is spectacular.

So join me, and...Join the club! It's not just for mommies, but moms know best. =0)

Disclosure: This is a NON-sponsored blog post. This is a Buy & Try review. I purchased the Personal Skin Care Bundle from Mommy's Club and am providing a testimonial of how these products have worked so far for me. I have not been compensated in any way for this published post. However, I am a Mommy's Club Charter Member and will benefit in commission from your purchase, should you choose to buy. This blog post contains affiliate links. However, all opinions are 100% my own. I truly believe in this company and the products it offers. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 10 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Sounds like great products, have a great week!

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Sounds like good stuff! Thanks for sharing.
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Pamela Bates said...

wow, that worked pretty good. wonder how it is with psoriasis. mine is driving me nuts! I'll check it out. thanks for sharing.

Amanda Maven said...

Oh my gosh!! The results are amazing!!I love that it is a natural product too. I am definitely going to have to try them out. Thanks for making me wait to read the review - loved it!

Mossy Jojo said...

sounds like a great product kim! thank you for sharing that with us xo

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Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing! My middle boy has eczema and my oldest has more recently starting having sensitive skin as well. I pinned this so I can look into it more later : )