Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Need Some App Advice

Drum roll, please...I'm the new owner of a cell phone (it's OK, you can go ahead and laugh). Yes, everyone, I'm officially mobile. It's funny when I think about how many people could really not believe me when I would say that I didn't have a cell phone. While having a phone is extremely convenient, it just wasn't a necessity for me. And it still really isn't, but we had a family plan already, I just didn't have the phone for it for the longest time.

My daughter decided to give me an "early Mother's Day" gift after Christmas. She bought me a phone. The last time I had a phone was a really long time ago (I'm talking pre-touch screen smartphone era). Yep, it's been that long. But I can honestly say that I've been just fine without a mobile phone. Honestly. 

With her birthday/Christmas money, she bought me a phone identical to hers (color and everything). She didn't have to, and I really didn't want her to, but she wanted to do it. I feel real honored, because she usually only likes to match with her lil sis. Now we're iPhone twins. She has a case and stuff, though, and I don't, so it's easy to tell which one is hers and mine. Although, I did order a screen protector like hers. You can read about that here.

Now that I have this cool new iPhone, I really don't know how to use it all that well yet, and I have to get used to having a phone again (I forget that I even have it lots of the time). I did add some games for the kiddos (and me - I love Bejeweled, had that on my old phone way back when).

But as for apps, I'm a little in the dark! So I'm asking you - 
What are some apps that you absolutely can't live without? What do you recommend? I need some App Advice!

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Harlynn said...

Haha, congrats on joining the smartphone era! ;P

Jelly Splash
Quiz Up
Egg Baby (more so for the kiddos)
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Space
They also have an Angry Birds Star Wars!

Facebook Pages
Blogger (not the best quality)

Take a browse through the app store. c: You can select only to view free apps, fitness apps, social apps, etc...
Have fun!!


Lulu G said...

I don't like too many apps. I just have all my social media apps, FourSquare and Angry Birds Star Wars for my eldest son!

Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

Veronica Franco Sierra said...

I totally agree: we think that there's no way we could possibly live without a phone, but I did when I lived in Germany for a year, surprising myself a whole lot!

As for apps... here are some:

For photos, definitely try:
- PopAGraph
- PicsArt
- Camera+
- Hipstamatic

I also love the very useful scanner app, "Genius Scan".

If you like coffee or just having a nice brunch, "Find A Coffee" finds caf├ęs in ANY part of the world!!! I also love food apps, because I am not (in the slightest) the most inspired person when it comes to cooking, so I have "Jamie Oliver Recipes" and "Big Oven" .

And finally...

"TuneIn Radio" is great for listening to radio stations from the whole world... "Houzz" for some decor inspiration... and "FlipBoard" for a light read while waiting in line or at the doctor's...

Pamela Bates said...

I held out on the cell phone for a ridiculously long time too.but i love my droid.

my favorite apps:

boston bruins (it alerts me when game is about to come on, when we score, etc)


google sky (shows you what stars/planets are above you)

have fun with your new phone!

Lisa D. said...

Just to name a few of my favorites.

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I love the sound the Etsy app makes after making a sale!

Other than that, I use the Google, Wikipedia and IMDB app a lot.

Have fun with your phone!

Caitlin Lassley said...

If you shop at Target, Cartwheel is a must!

Denysia Yu said...

Some of my favorite apps:
Shazam - For your music needs.
TV Guide - To check out when my favorite shows are on.
Paypal Here - When I sell items, it's easier to accept payment.
Slice - A good app for tracking your packages.
RetailMeNot - A good app that has good coupons.

Erica D said...

Congrats! I have an ipad and a Galaxy S4 cell but on my ipad I like Camera awesome for photos, evernote, dropbox is a must, zino if you have any magazine subscriptions, feedly for reading some blogs.


Lilacs Lambirth said...

I have the droid my son got me before he left for the army 1-1/2 yrs ago. My time is coming up for a new phone, or I could get one now off of my husband's plan since he didn't get one yet. Anyway...I have been looking at the iPhone myself the 5s, or I considered the Galaxy too. Leaning towards the iPhone, but am going to wait it out I think till spring/summer/fall when the iPhone 6 comes out.

With the iPhone you could also get that mosie (sp) cover that has a built in battery too. Son uses it, and when he has been home he charges his phone maybe once in the time he's here.

I am not much for using apps on the phones. Nice when I pic up wifi when I am out thrifting, to compare prices on some items before I buy them, and things like that. I do have FB, Google+ and my gmail, Maps, Etsy, Ebay, and I am sorry...but I am not a game person.

Good Luck with the new phone, and have some fun with it!:-)


Rea T said...

yay to you kim!! it is hard for me to believe that you just had a phone.. :)

anyway on the apps, make sure you have:
candy crush
pandora if you like listening to music

Memories for Life said...

How sweet that your daughter used her own money to buy you a phone :) And a matching one at that :)
I only have the Square app for credit cards at shows and a couple games. I use my phone mainly for checking email while out and about.

Barb S. said...

Hi! BTW, got the dog tag! Thank you!!
I use Twittlelator Pro for twitter (~$5, but worth it), Instagram, A Beautiful Mess (for embellishments on pics for Instagram--$1.99), Pocket God-- a fun game---can't remember how much I paid for it, though. Also, Etsy, Paypal, Amazon, to name a few!!

Holly via ahappytoday.com said...

That was so sweet of her! Bet you are loving it. For Apps, I use feedly to read blogs (opens text/photos in the app versus having to open each webpage), instagram and tmz for celeb gossip haha. For my 4 year old I have Talking Tom, which he loves, where you have a cat you have to feed and take care of.