Thursday, April 24, 2014

G+ Growing Circles Hop #15

Is it Thursday again already? Yes, it is! That means it's party time.

Welcome to the Google Plus Growing Circles Hop, where we network and share content all day long every Thursday.

Interested in Co-Hosting?
Send an email to 2justByou(AT)gmail(DOT)com with "G+ Hop Co-Host" in the subject line and include your blog and G+ links for consideration. We'd love to have you!


To make the most of this link party, please follow the rules below.
1. You MUST add your hosts and co-hosts to one of your circles before linking up. 
2. Link up your personal Google+ profile, blog or business G+ pages but NOT your blog URL. 
3. Share ONE post ONLY - (new or old) on G+ and use the hashtag #GrowingCirclesHop
4. Connect with others by clicking on your #growingcircleshop hashtag. Engage with at least 2-3 others by a Share, +1 or Comment. 
5. Add new friends to your circles. 
6. Grab a button for your blog, if you'd like. Help us spread the word so we can keep trending on Google Plus each week! (You can edit size to fit your blog in the code).
Mommy Mentionables

Throughout the next 12 hours, check back on G+ and +1 posts with the hashtag #growingcircleshop.

Google+ Tips

The real participation comes with sharing a blog post to G+ using the party's hashtag and engaging with others who are also sharing posts from this party. Interaction and engaging with others on G+ will bring you the most success! You will notice some posts have a very large picture associated with their post and others have a tiny picture. To increase your chances of being shared, post a photo along with your post link and NOT the tiny one that gets posted automatically with the link. The bigger and more clear your photo, the better chance of it being shared because those are the posts that G+ users want to share with their followers.

If you want to be notified the next time the Hop starts, give us your email below and we will send you a quick notification the next time it goes live.

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Isobel Morrell said...

Thanks for the invite! Hope the link will work this time around! Am still having linking and computer issues - but then, what's new?

Zylo Smedley said...

Fantastic idea! I've added everyone so far and am about to post my link.

katiecupcakes said...

Everytime you post a hop, I think of little bunnies hopping around :D

Natalia Khon said...

Great to see this idea is working!

Kristin Aquariann said...

Every week it seems like I blink and Thursday is gone! I'm glad your hop is going so well.

Debbie Roberts said...

I often see blog hops and I always seem to be too late to join in, but this time I've subscribed to get an email, so hopefully I'll get the chance to join the next one or the one after that!