Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gifts for Dad {& an Assembly Line}

I really can't believe that it's June already. School is out for my oldest daughter, and my boys will be out in just less than two weeks now. My oldest boy is promoting from the 6th grade. He'll be a middle schooler in the fall. Eeeek!!! Time goes by so fast. It really does.

Father's Day is on the 15th this year. I'm not sure what my kids will want to do for the day, but we've got some great gift ideas in our Etsy shop that I thought I'd share with you today, in case you're in the market for some fun handmade gifts for Dad.

If you're not familiar with our shop, I want you to know that we're a family team working together and having fun along the way. It's truly a team effort. From the very beginning, items found in our shop have been brainstormed, created by hand, packaged with care and shipped out by all of us (sometimes even the littlest members of the family too! If we have to go to the post office for a drop off, she always volunteers to "hold the packages.").

Let me show you our little living room assembly line from back in April when we worked on a large order with a deadline requiring a super quick turn around time (we had less than a week!). You might remember my Words for my Wednesday post about this order. I didn't mention what the order was for, because I knew that some of my bloggy friends might see these goodies (some of them were recipients). Now that it's been awhile and the event is over, I can say that the order was for custom dog tag key chains! Take a look at our work...

Before any of the stamping begins, we first hand cut and then hand stamp our packaging tags for when these key chains are all finished. 
After stamping, the dog tags are buffed.

Then they are attached to the key chain.

They have to be polished before they're packaged.

Baby Girl practiced her counting skills. (No worries, we double-checked her work.)

After all the key chains are polished, they are placed in individual bags, and we attach our hand stamped tags.
The finished order, ready for packing in the box!

Some of the fabulous recipients shared our work via social media. Take a look here and here for some shoutouts. =0)

Here are just a couple more Father's Day gift ideas from us.

Available for purchase here.

Available for purchase here.

Do you have a Father's Day gift yet?
If not, you can use coupon code DADSDAY14 and save 10% on your order at our shop (expires June 30th).

PS - If you have a Father's Day gift idea you'd like to share, you can link it up at the PCF Team Shop Hop.

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Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Love the teamwork!

Erica D said...

That is so cute! great of them to help out! I just got back from vacay and while up in the mountains of Barcelona I got my dad pure honey from a local farmer, it still has a chunk of honeycomb in it! For some reason he is obsessed with the health benefits of honey and has a collection from all over the world including some of the rarest varieties.


Memories for Life said...

I think it's so great how you work together as a family to create items for your shop! And the key chains turned out so great!

The Art Bug said...

Great key chains! Great that everyone is helping:)I need some help too....re-opening is getting on me a bit, I don't know where the day/time goes by!

katiecupcakes said...

That photo of your baby girl helping is too precious! Love your key chains! I hope you sell a ton this holiday!

Melissa said...

These are so awesome...looks like a family operation...love it!

Louida Martin said...

I love how your family works as a team!

Natalia Khon said...

Love how you all work together!

La Vie En May said...

Lovely gift ideas Kim. They look awesome. I love the idea of a family shop, might keep it going for generations!

Kristin Aquariann said...

That's the cutest assembly line I've ever seen! ^.^

Stephanie Paxman said...

My kids do the I love you sign whenever they leave on the bus. Always makes me smile :)

Powers Of Love said...

I always love hearing about your family working together on those orders. You guys ROCK!

Clair said...

Awesome ideas for the 'dad that has everything' :)

Marlys Folly said...

Kim, I hope that you don't mind me using a picture and a link for a post that I am writing on my blog This and That. I am going to post it this afternoon (6/6/14). If you prefer me not to use please email me(thisandthatblog(at)yahoo(dot)com and I will remove it. Thanks in advance.. Sorry for the last minute asking but as I was writing my post I want to add a few more Father's Day gifts and did a google search and your post came up. Love this idea. Marlys