Friday, June 6, 2014

Give it a Boost {Co-Hosting Boost Your FB Post Party}

Welcome to the Boost Your Facebook Post Party!
If you have been discouraged by how few of your fans get to see your Facebook posts, join the club. In fact, that is why this party was born. We want to help each other to get our message to more of our own fans by liking, commenting and sharing our posts.

Please be sure to share your FACEBOOK POST URL with us. 
This party is not for sharing blog posts.  Thanks!

Welcome to our JUNE Co-Hosts! 
Please follow our host and co-hosts.

Christina from Mamas High Strung

Kim from 2 Just B You

Sheryl of Wilderness Wife

Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

How this party works...

Add the URL to one or two of your recent Facebook posts that you would like to boost. (How to find that URL is explained at the end of this post.)

Visit the 2 posts (or four if you shared 2 with us) above yours and like, comment and/or share them.*

It is as simple as that. It'd be so great if you'd share about this party on your other social media, too. Let's spread the word. What I love about blogging is that we develop such great camaraderie among our community of writers. We need each other and we help each other where we can.

Since this is a social media experiment, please check back with us and share your experiences. Is it helping you to reach more of your readers? How is it working out for you?

*Note: Facebook weighs our activity. Likes are ranked the lightest weight (but still are great to get) Comments count more with Facebook. Shares are the most influential with them. Of course, we can also combine our response and like, comment and/or share on the same post.


  • Open up your Facebook Fanpage.
  • Open the Administrative window (Admin Panel) so that you can see the list of most recent posts at the top left of the window.
  • After you have added your status report and clicked "POST" the post name will appear at the top left of the Admin. page.
  • Click on the name of the post and it will open in a new window.
The URL of that new window is the URL of your post.  It will look something like this:

Love getting your Facebook Posts boosted?
Tell someone to come on over and party w us!

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