Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Natalia's Jewellery Giveaway WINNER

It's that time again. Time to congratulate another winner here at 2justByou Blog! The Natalia's Jewellery Giveaway recently ended, and up for grabs was the beautiful pair of earrings shown below.

The beautiful sterling silver earrings were handcrafted by Natalia as part of her Ocean Life series. 

I'd like to take just a moment and commend Yen on her entries as well. Winners are chosen at random via, but then I go through the entries for verification. Sadly, I had to disqualify the first winner due to a false entry. Yen was then drawn as winner, and while verifying some of her 30+ entries, it was evident that she really wanted to win this pair of earrings! She came back to the blog almost daily to share via tweet and social media. I am so glad that she won, because she definitely earned it!

Please, when you enter a giveaway, make sure that your entries are all verifiable. I don't like to have to disqualify winners. 

HUGE thanks goes to Natalia of Natalia's Jewellery for sponsoring this awesome giveaway. These earrings are gorgeous and made with such love and care. And there are so many excellent pieces of wearable art in her shop; I do hope you visit her Etsy shop often to see what else she adds to it!

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lorenabr said...

Congrats! :) What a fun giveaway!