Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Strawberry Banana Popsicles {Recipe}

Plenty of times I've surfed Pinterest and found lots of amazing popsicle recipes. Plenty of times I've made some yummy popsicles here at home, but never have I posted about it here on the blog. Then, last week, while visiting Always Wear Your Invisible Crown, I saw Marieken's Strawberry Popsicle post and decided right away that it was time to make some more homemade popsicle goodness here at our house. 

We had organic strawberries and bananas on hand, so Strawberry Banana Popsicles is what we made. We had some popsicle molds from last year that we hadn't tried out yet (a few different molds, actually). We had gotten them on sale at Walmart, I think (but I can't really remember for sure). Lots of times when we make popsicles, we just use the old fashioned ice cube trays, because they're actually a nice size for the kids, and easy to get out of the molds. This time, we wanted to bust out those new molds from last season and see how well they worked. 

You need:
* popsicle molds (or some ice cube trays)
* about 2 cups fresh, cut strawberries
* one sliced large banana
* about 1 1/2 cups greek yogurt
* honey to taste

First we washed the strawberries, cut off the tops and sliced them. Then we sliced the bananas.

Put them in the blender and puree. We usually like to leave some big chunks of strawberry, but this time I chose to leave the fruit chunks out, because we also had this as a smoothie too (great when it has a double use!).

Add the yogurt and honey.

Pour into the molds and then put the lids on. Baby Girl was all too excited to put the lids on (because, like I said, we usually just use ice cube molds).

Freeze. We froze overnight, but a few hours should do just fine.

Remove from molds. Enjoy. 

*** To prepare as a smoothie, follow all steps in the directions, but also add some ice. It makes for a great way to cool off on hot summer days!

It's a little tough to take these out of the molds, especially the round molds (the plastic was thin and felt like it was going to break). Some of them didn't even pop out nicely at all (even on the other molds in the last photo), and the sticks came out! I ended up letting those "uh-ohs" thaw out a bit and poured them into a cup to enjoy with a spoon. Popsicles are great, but ice cube trays are easier, in my opinion.

Do you have any suggestions as to how to easily remove the popsicles from molds?
What's your favorite summer popsicle flavor?

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Melissa said...

So great! I love that you tried. I think back when I used to make them all the time, running the frozen mold under hot water for a few seconds helped with the extraction of the pops. Also, I learned that there is a part of my freezer that is colder than other parts, so I put the pops for optimal frozen-ness.

I recently came upon creme caramel pops at my local grocery store! These are my fave of the summer, though I don't know that I'd attempt to make them myself!

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I made something similar, but without the banana, I will definitely add that next time. Melissa's hot water trick works for me too.

Memories for Life said...

Yum! What a tasty summer treat. I love that it's a healthy snack too :)

Natalia Khon said...

Awesome recipe!

Kristin Aquariann said...

I usually don't like popsicles because of the wooden stick, but your plastic molds fix that! Yum.

katiecupcakes said...

I'm not a banana fan but my husband is! He would love these. I'll try them out for him!

lorenabr said...

Gorgeous recipe!