Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Changing Your Routine {Words for my Wednesday}

Sometimes it takes a little push to make a change. With the help of a good friend, I was pushed to make a big change in my life. It was something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but it was hard for me to keep motivated to actually do it and stick to it.

For the past four weeks, I made a big change to my daily routine (it's been exactly one month to date). I started a fitness challenge, and it includes one-hour workouts five days a week. 
Five. Days.

There will be more on this to come in later posts, because I want to share my journey with you. All I'm going to say for now is that changing my daily routine has made me a better person. Sometimes in life we get stuck in a rut, seemingly unable to to move forward. All it takes is that little push, and it can make all the difference.

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Happy Wednesday to all of you, and thanks for stopping by. 

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Melissa at said...

Congrats on your fitness routine lady! That's huge!

Memories for Life said...

That's great...congrats!
I am determined to keep up my workout this winter during the holiday rush. It is always the first thing I give up when I need more time, but not this year! Still going strong so far :)

Erica D said...

I agree, if something isn't working try something else. Sometimes it is hard to know what direction to take but we all have to change.

Natalia Khon said...

This is an awesome change! Congrats, Kim!
Great quote too!

La Vie En May said...

Love it Kim! It's such a true statement and I hold myself to that every day!

Kristin Aquariann said...

Way to go, girl! I love working out - it's my nutrition that goes downhill if I don't pay attention.

LanasArtStudio said...

My biggest congrats, support and best wishes for your five days routine ! I'm totally with you on this commitment! But I think I need someone to actually hold me accountable on this one. I have tendency to slacking sometimes :( and once you done it easier do ( or on this case not to do) again. Stay positive and my fingers crossed for you girl!

katiecupcakes said...

Great quote, Kim! I've been looking for some good sayings lately to motivate me. I'll be keeping this in mind!