Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Raising Awareness: Eczema Awareness Month 2014

October is a special month. It's a month dedicated to raising awareness for Breast Cancer and for Eczema. Bringing awareness to such important causes has always been something that I participate in and support with my whole heart. 

Each year, we try to do our part in spreading the word for Eczema Awareness Month, because it is a condition that highly affects our family. My son was diagnosed with severe eczema at the age of six weeks, and he was literally forbidden by doctors from attending any type of daycare. I've been a stay-at-home mom ever since.

Last October, we spoke to my son's second grade classroom about what eczema is and how we live with it on a daily basis. We passed out brochures of information, fliers, and coloring pages. For each coloring page that was turned in at the end of the week, our family donated $1 to the National Eczema Association (NEA) in support of research and education. We also had his class participate in Green & Blue day, and if they students came to school wearing green & blue, they received an eczema support wrist band and sticker. I took photos and shared them with NEA. Our little fundraiser and awareness event was published in the quarterly publication of the National Eczema Association called The Advocate (volume 26, Number 1, 2014), along with my photos (it was a total honor to be one of the featured stories). 

Our story is at the top!

My wristband photo in the newsletter!

And this year (just yesterday), one of my photos from 2013 was also featured on the NEA facebook fan page (see below)!

 CLICK HERE to share it on facebook!

This year, we hope to do something similar with his third grade class. And yes, I'll post about it here. =0)

Oh, and...Remember that craft fair that I've been talking about a little bit? The one that my family and I have been prepping for these past couple of weeks? 

Well, we are doing a fundraiser & awareness event at The Giant Pumpkin Festival of Elk Grove, CA this weekend! We'll have a booth with eczema information and supportive materials, and we'll be selling some of our handmade goods at the booth right next to it. With each sale made, we will donate at least $1 to NEA. I will definitely post about this event too!

We'll also be doing this on our Etsy shop site too (so please be on the lookout within the next few days for that). With each purchase, buyers will also receive an eczema wristband to show off their support for the cause!

Please stay tuned for more posts about Eczema Awareness Month. 
If you'd like to learn more about the National Eczema Association and/or donate, please connect with the organization with the links found below.


Do you have eczema? Do you know someone that suffers from eczema?
NEA is a great resource tool, offering many educational materials and support for patients, families and friends.

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Natalia Khon said...

That is an awesome picture, Kim!

Shared your info!

Vanessa said...

Great post. I know as a child had to deal with a mild case of this, but thank goodness it's all gone.

La Vie En May said...

I'm familiar with eczema, but I don't know anyone who has it. It's great that you're raising awareness for something like this. It's important that people know about it!

katiecupcakes said...

Wonderful post, Kim! Good luck at the craft fair and in raising awareness!!

Tara Brelinsky said...

I am glad your kiddos have a courageous and wise mama to help raise awareness.

Melissa at said...

As an eczema sufferer I applaud you for all your efforts to raise awareness kim!

Memories for Life said...

So great that you're raising awareness. And congrats on having your photo featured. I hope both booths do well at the show :)

ArtSings1946 said...

It's amazing that I read this post because of all the health issues that my daughter has had in the past year I rarely read any blogs anymore. She had eczema when she was a baby through early school years. Luckily when she attended a pre-school the teacher suffered from this herself and explained it to the other teachers ... it's not catching and I'm amazed that your son was banned from school. She grew out of it BUT, she developed auto immune issues, had a heart attack last year (she's in her 30's) and now has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia ... just keep a look out as he gets older. This is such a good post to help people be aware of the sufferings of others. Postive energy coming your way as well as to you son.
Health and peace to all.

Kristin Aquariann said...

Wow, I didn't realize eczema could be that severe. Great job in spreading the word.