Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December {& a Giveaway WINNER}

December is officially here. The last month of 2014. What a year it has been...
And now it's Christmas time!

I'm hoping to make this month a great one. It's a magical time of year, holidays and cheer all around, no matter where you go. It's a little tough not to love!

I've gotten way behind with my blogging this year. There are a couple of posts that I have yet to finish and publish. And then a couple of weeks ago, I thought I could jump back in, and I tried to pile on some more projects - so I'm still trying to play catch up. But you know, things happen. Life happens. Sometimes it gets in the way. I'm determined, though, to push through and get things done. This month is gonna be a good one for blogging. It just has to be. I'm going to make it be.

So I hope you stay with me and join me on the adventure during this last month of the year. Let's make it great together!

I'll start by announcing the winner of the Activz Giveaway. It's always great to have a good announcement to make. =0)

Big congrats to LaTanya T. for winning the Activz Giveaway. She gets the bottle of Complete, or any item of choice that is of equal or lesser value. I know she will love whatever product she chooses! It's SO easy to eat healthier with Activz.

Much thanks to Activz for sponsoring the giveaway. And thanks to all of you, the readers, for participating and entering! Remember, there are more great giveaways to enter, just click here.

Here's to December!!!
What are you looking forward to most about this month?

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Melissa at said...

Happy December!

lorenabr said...

All the best for December!

Rea T said...

hey kim! easy, we have a life outside of blogging ♥ so enjoy your life especially christmas!


Hena Tayeb said...

December has a magical quality to it..
I look forward to our first snow..
by baby boy will be turning one soon and my dad is flying in.. lots to look forward to