Thursday, April 30, 2015

Answering Your Questions at G+ GrowingCirclesHop No. 1

Let's take a look at one of the questions you asked when we opened up the party for your inquiries! We're going to address the first question  asked, and then our next Google Plus Tip session will also hopefully help with the question more in depth by expanding on some G+ features that are helpful. 

question no.1:

Thanks again for hosting!
My google+ question is about my #GrowingCirclesHop post never showing up on my homepage or on my hashtag search until later that day or sometimes not until the next day. I'll explain a littler better - when I click on #GrowingCirclesHop I never see my own post - why is that?

I don't know if this is happening for anyone else, but it has happened to me just a few times (none recent, though). I thought it might have been just some type of glitch. However, it seems to continue to be the case for Angie from God's Growing Garden. During one of our hops, she emailed me and asked me to see if her post was showing up for me, because it wasn't for her. I did the search for our party hashtag, and I saw her post right at the top as being one of the most recent additions. 

When Angie explained what happens she said, "When I click on #GrowingCirclesHop, I never see my own post." The word I'm emphasizing in that sentence is click.
To search our party hashtag, Angie clicks the actual hashtag within a G+ party post that is using our hashtag. 

Let me tell you how I search our party hashtag, though (because THIS is what can make all the difference). 

To some people, it might look like the same posts pop up for the search results at first glance... 

But there is actually a slight difference. Can you see the differences with the two methods of search in the examples shown above?

There might be one or two extra G+ posts showing or missing from the top of the search results. So why is that?

When you click on a hashtag, it launches the Google Plus Explore feature. The URL looks like this:

With the Explore feature, you won't see your own posts, because you are the user. (I guess google figures, why would you want to "explore" and find your own content?) The search results will also bring up related posts within G+, and some posts might very well be using our hashtag, but they may not be very recent.

When you do a type-search using the search box, it launches a Google Plus search, and the URL looks like this:

Using the search box method, Google+ will search for our party hashtag and only give results that include the actual words of our hashtag. The results will bring up "best of" G+ posts that include our party hashtag. Most of the time, the posts near the top will also be the most recent, and you should be able to see your own posts as well.

I hope this gives you a little bit of insight about how the search and hashtag features work within Google Plus. G+ uses hashtags differently than any other social media platform. In our next Google+ Tips sesssion, we'll be delving further into hashtags and how to use them specifically for G+, so I hope you'll join us!

~ Kim from 2justByou Blog

NOW...Let's get to the party!

And remember: You need to use the party hashtag AND link up for the best benefits of the party. =0) 

*** Don't forget! ***
We have also extended the party. It will stay open until Friday night at midnight, EST! So don't be shy, come and visit on Friday too. Search our party hashtag in G+ to see awesome content for TWO days instead of just one! Share your posts!

Don't forget to use the party hashtag:

To make the most of this link party, please follow the rules below.
1. You MUST add your hosts and co-hosts to one of your circles before linking up. 
2. Link up your personal Google+ profile, blog or business G+ pagesOR -- you can link up a specific G+ post of yours - but NOT your blog URL. 
3. Publicly share a post - (new or old) on G+ and use the party hashtag #GrowingCirclesHop
4. Connect with others by clicking on your #growingcircleshop hashtag, or enter "growingcircleshop" in the search box at the top. Engage with at least 2-3 others by a Share, +1 and/or Comment. 
5. Add new friends to your circles! Be social. 
6. Grab a button for your blog, if you'd like. Help us spread the word so we can keep trending on Google Plus each week! (You can edit size to fit your blog in the code).
Check back on G+ and +1/comment on the party posts with our hashtag #growingcircleshop until Friday night.

LINK UP below!!! You can now link up your G+ profile page -OR- you can link up a specific G+ post that you've already publicly shared using our party hashtag!  

See all the posts for our G+ Tips Series:
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And don't forget that tomorrow (Friday) is the last day to enter this giveaway!

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Angelique Ouellette-Tower said...

What a FANTASTIC answer!! Thanks so much! It makes sense - why would google+ show me my own results when I'm the user.
I tried the other way & clicked "most recent" & "best of" - mine still isn't there - I just won't worry about it anymore - just as long as everyone else is seeing them.
Thanks again for your amazing answer!

bakewelljunction said...

Thanks for hosting the party.

Candace Creates said...

Thank you for answering this question, Kim! I've been wondering about the difference between those 2 search methods. Still loving this series, my friend :)!