Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Latest Happenings for Wordless Wednesday

Today is a Wordless Wednesday (kind of), as I share some of life's latest happenings with photos.

My silly Baby Girl all snuggled up in her Frozen Quilt.

Th handmade quilt shown above was made by Binky Bee Mia. It's the perfect addition to my daughter's always growing Frozen collection, and she loves it.

When you give a kid a camera (or smartphone), you never know what will be saved on the camera roll. This shot didn't turn out so bad at all.

We have participated in two Instagram fundraising auctions now, and we donated the cuff bracelet shown above for both events. It's a great every day reminder!

My son made this mug tree in his wood shop class. He really likes the class and always looks forward to the next project. And next up, a gumball machine! 

What have you been up to lately?

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Elephant's Child said...

Snuggling into a quilt is always a winner - no matter how old (or young) you are.

Katie Crafts said...

Oh my gosh, that first picture is too cute!!!

Melissa said...

Super creative family! I love the message on the bracelet. That's a good one to live by. And the photo and mug tree...oh my! Well done!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Fun quilt! I love the mug holder! We just made napkin holders in wood class when I was young. Your stay strong bracelet is perfect. It applies to us all in so many ways!

La Vie En May said...

The mug tree is so cool! I could totally use something like that!

Kristin Aquariann said...

I'm afraid I'm not a Frozen fan, because Elsa isn't nearly as cool as Frosta from She-Ra, but that's a cute quilt! ^.^

The Art Bug said...

Cute picture of the little one!
Love the bracelet, indeed a great reminder!!
The Mug tree is so neat!

On my side, my comeback is going on well, have had quite a good views on the blog, but not many followers but I am working on it. The shop is also getting back on track!

Melissa at said...

Such a cute picture with the Frozen quilt! I love the bracelet too.

lorenabr said...


Memories for Life said...

Your little girl is a doll all bundled up in her pretty blanket :)
And I love your son's mug tree!