Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Recap and Life Lately

Just some recent photos to show a recap of my Mother's Day and life lately...

My Mother's Day
Daughter got me this Mint Chip drink from Starbucks
(and it tastes like ice cream!).

She also got me a balloon bouquet with this huge center piece.
The others in the bouquet were purple, but kids play (and balloons pop).

She had the balloon bouquet and Starbucks delivered to our front door!

This was from my preschooler.

She planted a seed in this cup at school and watered it right when we got home.
It now sits in the window sill so it can get some sun.

My youngest son gave me a fun handmade card with hidden messages.
And my older son finished a candle holder in wood shop class. Now we need to get a candle for it, and then I'll snap a photo.

I spent the day doing absolutely NO house work. So that was nice.
And we ended the day with a trip for some frozen yogurt. YUM.

Other things going on in life lately...

We attended a "mandatory senior parent meeting" at the high school last week. It was really a useless event, just to pick up cap and gown ensembles that all graduates need to order to be able to graduate with the class at the ceremony. It was really pointless. All they did was handout a packet to read (the rules) and answered any questions that people wanted to ask about the graduation ceremony. And then we had to wait in line to pick up the caps and gowns. Really. I could've spent my evening in a much better way. Students could have picked up the packets and orders during a lunch break or something.

The school offered Senior Payment Plans at the beginning of the year, which covered most of the senior costs (yearbook, prom, sober grad night, senior trip, etc.). I was especially grateful for this option, because there would have been no way we would have been able to pay for everything up front. 

However, the cap and gown wasn't included in the payment plan. How crazy is that? To top it off, though, when ordering the cap and gown, there's also a shipping fee! Yet, as luck would have it, all the caps and gowns are shipped directly to the school and then distributed during this "mandatory meeting." 

Call me crazy, but I really think that: 
1) cap and gown costs should have been included in the payment plan, and 
2) shipping should not have been charged unless shipped directly to each buyer.

We received a nice little invitation in the mail on Monday of this week. There is an annual Senior Awards Night, and this is where students are recognized for academic achievements and scholarships. They are also given their cords to wear for graduation.

This morning Baby Girl and I picked some flowers. We'll be drying them in a pretty flower press made by BK Inspired (and we'll post more about that later).

What's been going on with you in life lately?

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L.M. Mesmer Photography said...

I've been working on photo's and trying to get it seen online and elsewhere. Battling allergies, and asthma.

I agree with you 100% ... caps and gown should definitely be included in the payment plan. It's something they will need to finish their senior year. Unless they are thinking that some people may move, or other unknown circumstances may arise. However, in that case they could always refund that portion of the money if need be. I'm glad you were able to get on the plan for the rest of the stuff though. I remember how much my senior year cost. I know my parents would have been thankful had they offered a payment plan.

The Mother's Day balloons, drink and plant look awesome. YAY to no housework.

mae abigail songco said...

anything with mint plus chocolate, icecream or shakes yeah! my favorite! looks delish! anyways, Shane says hi!

Elephant's Child said...

Goodness your life has been full. Love the Mother's Day love you received. And agree with your reservations about the school. Sigh.

The Art Bug said...

looks like u had a lovely Mother's Day! Bet that shake was Awesome!!!

Memories for Life said...

Starbucks delivery...what a great gift! Your kids got you so many great things :)
Best of luck with all the graduation stuff coming up! Congrats to your girl!

Melissa at said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day! And yikes on the graduating costs. Makes me nervous for Essley to be in school!

Cole Nemeth said...

Such thoughtful gifts! I love mint chocolate chip :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Your Mother's Day sounds like it was perfect! So many details with the graduation. It is exciting. I love your floral photo. So beautiful.

Cylina Williams said...

I think a drink from Starbucks would be the only thing I need for Mother Day, I will have to remind my kids next year:) Sounds like a good day

Hena Tayeb said...

sounds like a lovely mother's day..

Jennifer Heintz said...

My daughter did nothing for Mother's Day, and I was kinda bummed. I am glad I kept it to myself, because she showed up this Sunday (with her three kids in tow). No Starbucks, but doughnuts and coffee. And I mystified why in this day and age there are still the antiquated methods of dealing with the caps & gowns.

petchk79 said...

I hope you felt special on Mother's Day it is always nice when our kids remember Mother's Day. Whether they do a lot for us or just a little it's the thought that counts!

Meg A said...

aww, what a nice mothers day you had!

Denysia Yu said...

It looked like you had a good mother's day minus the entire school drama situation. I didn't even know that you would be able to do the payment plan. We didn't have that in highschool when I was there. That probably would have made my life a little bit easier!