Thursday, May 7, 2015

Organize Your G+ Posts: See NEW Collections in Action at #GrowingCirclesHop

Starting Monday (May 4th) of THIS week, Google Plus made the official announcement that Collections are now available! This means that you can share or reshare a G+ post to a specific category (called a collection). While preparing for our party post, I saw the new addition and just had to share it with you all so you can start using this new feature (it's pretty awesome!). So, while our Week 6 G+ Tip was supposed to be a continued conversation about hashtags and usage, I thought this brand new feature needed to be shared first!

You might have noticed that the Google Photos and Google Stream is also making an appearance this week. 

Stick with us...We'll be talking about that soon too, as more information becomes available.

For now...Let's see G+ Collections in action!

This new capability to group posts by topic is amazing, and I know that I (for one) will be much more willing to reshare favorite G+ posts now that I'll have an easier way to find them later. Think of these new Collections as your pinboards on Pinterest - and you know how we all love Pinterest! Yeah, these new G+ Collections are gonna be AWESOME like that.

After you click "New Collection," you'll see a screen like this:

The first steps...Create a name for your collection and set its visibility (public, private, etc). You need to be sure of your name and visibility settings, because once created, they cannot be changed!

After you've shared a couple of posts to your new collection, it will look like this:

One thing I noticed, but it's probably just a glitch...

When you go to your Collections from the HOME drop down menu (as shown in our title post at the top), this is what you'll see:

Yes, it's a lot like Pinterest - but I'm not complaining about it one bit! 

TIP: As far as I can tell, there is no ability to move collections. Once they are created, they are stuck (maybe this will change in the future). 
I thought maybe they would be alphabetized, but - No.

So that's a wrap up for our G+ Tip this week. I hope you guys will be loving this new feature as much as I already do. The sheer power of google is incredible. These new Collections can only create more visibility for us as bloggers and small business owners - and that's HUGE!

Side Note: This new feature is available for your computer and android devices and is coming soon for iOS users.

~ Kim from 2justByou Blog

NOW...Who's ready to party?!?

We have a new CO-HOST for the month of May! Please give a warm G+ welcome to...
Megha of The Art Bug.
Visit her G+ Profile and add her to your circles. She's also #4 in the linky below!

Marilyn is also joining us again this week, even though the month of April is over. She loves partying with us, so please stop by her G+ Profile and show her some love too!

And remember: You need to use the party hashtag AND link up for the best benefits of the party. =0) 

*** Don't forget! ***
The party stays open until Friday night at midnight, EST! So don't be shy, come and visit on Friday too. Show us your G+ posts. Search our party hashtag in G+ to see awesome content for TWO days instead of just one! 

Don't forget to use the party hashtag:

To make the most of this link party, please follow the rules below.
1. You MUST add your hosts and co-hosts to one of your circles before linking up. 
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Note: If you want to post both of them, we're cool with that too! The only thing we ask is that you limit your post shares to one per blog/business page. We have no set limit for personal post shares, but please keep it to a reasonable number (preferably not more than 5 posts using our party hashtag).
3. Publicly share a post - (new or old) on G+ and use the party hashtag #GrowingCirclesHop. See note above for limit guidelines.
4. Connect with others by clicking on your #growingcircleshop hashtag, or enter "growingcircleshop" in the search box at the top. Engage with at least 2-3 others by a Share, +1 and/or Comment. 
5. Add new friends to your circles! Be social. It's completely worth it!
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The Art Bug said...

Great Tips!
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Such great information!

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Great tutorial! I shall have to try them out.

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I just noticed "collections" this week for the first time and had no idea what it was. So glad you explained it! Bookmarking this page so I can fully go through it later!

Two PlusCute said...

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(Yes, I am that much impaired concerning google+ ).

I will add all the ladies today and thank you for hosting and for providing this great info.

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WOW I seriously never knew this- thanks for the tips- anything to be more organized!

Resonant Brain said...

Our planner knew tons of vendors but knows which vendors would work well with my event and venue. They were all great. The event coordinator would try to attend as many vendor meetings as she could. Which was very helpful.