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Triple Crown for Organic Hair Care {Product Review: pura d'or}

I used to have super thick hair. It was so thick that I could only wrap an elastic hair tie around it twice, because it wouldn't make it around a third time. That's how thick it was. Was. 

After I had my first baby, my hair fell out by the globs. Yes, globs. I even cried at how much hair I lost! As I got older, my hair also started thinning out a little. My once incredibly thick and strong hair strands became much thinner than before (but still thick, I guess, when compared to many people). And now I can actually wrap an elastic hair tie around my ponytail three times (but at least I don't lose hair by the globs - that's just a fun word to say)

When the opportunity came for me to try organic hair care products from pura d'or, including their Argan Oil Premium Organic Shampoo for Hair Loss Prevention Therapy, I said "yes" right away! The shampoo contains no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), gluten or artificial colors. This all natural organic anti-hair loss argan oil based shampoo is said to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair and add volume. It contains vitamins for hair growth and 12 DHT Blockers that promote healthy hair growth.

Pura d'or also sent me their Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner in Lavender Vanilla scent, which is said to be made from a 99% vegetable base and - just like the shampoo - is free of parabens, SLS, gluten and artificial color. The conditioner claims to manage frizz, enhance shine and smoothness with a gentle formula infused with argan oil and vegetable proteins.

As an added bonus, a sample one-ounce bottle of Pure and Organic Argan Oil was included. Imported from South Western Morocco, this cold-pressed, unrefined oil has no chemicals added and is safe for all skin, hair and nail types.


Premium Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo

The shampoo has a very natural scent, because there are no additives of perfume or other unnecessary extras. For some people, this might take some getting used to, but I was fine with it. 

The shampoo is VERY thick. So thick, in fact, that it causes the pump dispenser to get stuck (and this gets highly annoying). It also feels like you need to use a lot of product to be able to work a lather and spread the shampoo out evenly (I also have super long hair). My daughter tried this shampoo before me and did not like it at all, because she said she had to use too much of it - at least six pumps for her long, thick hair. Plus, sometimes she is one to become frustrated easily, so the stuck pump was not something she wanted to deal with at all.

These are the directions on the bottle: 
Apply to wet hair. Work into a rich lather. Leave on for 2 minutes to allow for deep penetration and full absorption. Rinse. For best results use for 3 months.

The directions do not indicate how much to use. BUT - even with super long hair, I was able to figure out a way to use just two pumps. 
Here's how: Because of its thickness, and the annoying way that the pump gets stuck with each use, I pushed the pump all the way down once. I then slowly pulled up the pump back to the top and repeated the process of pushing it all the way down again. This gives you a full two pumps of really thick shampoo in the palm of your hand. Instead of immediately applying to my wet hair, I worked up a small lather in my hands and then applied to my scalp, working my way down to the rest of my long hair (but mainly focusing on the scalp). 

From there, I followed the rest of the directions as described. I left it on for two full minutes before rinsing out, then rinsed off.

With a lot of other shampoos, I never really leave product on my hair for the full amount of time suggested, but I did with this one. I believe the product really does need the full two minutes for absorption for best results.

NOTE: I've been using this product since the beginning of March (on a daily basis, for the most part).
Prior to using this shampoo, I will point out that I would lose anywhere between 15-20 strands of hair after showering (I know it's kind of weird, but yes, I did count the number of strands specifically for this review). 
After two weeks of using the shampoo, there was only a tiny difference - not even noticeable by eye - with losing from 14-20 strands).
However, I kept using the shampoo, because on the bottle, the directions even say specifically "for best results use for 3 months." 
After six weeks of use, the difference was definitely more noticeable. Instead of losing 14-20 strands, it went down to 8-10 strands.
Nine weeks of usage and the difference is dramatically in favor of pura d'or! I now only lose 3-4 strands!!! This is HUGE for me. HUGE. And it has not yet been a full three months yet. 

The Premium Organic Shampoo also does add a little bit of volume (something my hair has none of, being straight as straight can be). It also helps with dryness of the scalp. I don't have a dandruff issue, but due to eczema and extra dry skin, my scalp can be very dry and feel itchy. Using this shampoo, my head felt less itchy and dry. 

Product Suggestions: 
I would recommend that the method of dispense be changed and updated due to the thickness of product. I am certain that the pump on my bottle is not the only one to become stuck and hard to use. A flip-top lid would be so much better. 
Also, the directions should state how much product to use. Using the pump, one full pump should suffice for short to medium length hair (quarter-size). Two full pumps for long hair (the size of two quarters). It should also be mentioned to focus massaging into scalp first, then the rest of hair. Doing this allows for the deep penetration and full absorption that the product requires to obtain best results possible.

Retail Price: $24.99

Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner - Lavender Vanilla

The conditioner has a really pleasing, soft scent. If you are one who does not like the overly natural scent of the shampoo, then the conditioner solves the discomfort with its infusion of lavender and vanilla. My daughter liked the scent a lot, and I love it too.

I used two pumps, and it took care of all of my long hair. I focus mainly on the ends and don't worry much about massaging deep into the scalp (unlike the shampoo). The conditioner is not extra thick like the shampoo, so there is no issue with the pump. There was also no need to use full pumps, as I described with the shampoo. I used this conditioner like any other product of the same type.

NOTE: I've also been using this product since March, mostly on a daily basis.
I don't have any frizz to my hair, but I did notice more smoothness and shine while using this product. With the conditioner, you can notice results after just two weeks of use. I don't style my hair very often, but this product does offer more manageability as well, which is nice if you style daily. Plus, the scent is amazing!

Retail Price: $24.99

Pure and Organic Argan Oil

All I can really say about this product is that I love it. LOVE it!

Just one way we use this amazing oil is for my older daughter's hair. We've used other argan oil hair treatments for her, but this is just straight up pure argan oil, and it works wonders. Using just a little bit, your hair will be smooth, shiny and better protected from styling products and damage. If you style your hair on a daily basis, you will LOVE this argan oil. It will help repair any damage that is already present. And then it will keep your hair looking so incredibly healthy. The next time you go to the salon for a hair cut or trim, your regular stylist will notice the difference. I'm being completely serious.

My daughter's curls for Senior Prom.

What's great is that you can use this pure argan oil for more than just your hair, but I'll get into that with a later post (I do hope you'll come back and see it! It's something you won't want to miss.). What I will add right now is that some other argan oils can be quite costly, price at $75 and more. Pura d'or offers a really affordable price, and you receive pure, organic oil. 

Retail Price: $24.99


Pura d'or makes some bold claims about their hair care products, but they are made with complete confidence. When used correctly, you will see the results and be amazed. Prices are competitive with salon name brand products (and the argan oil is also even more affordable compared to other places). Plus, I love that the products are natural, organic and made with sustainably grown ingredients. The company also uses recycled materials for shipping and packaging, being eco-friendly at every chance possible.

The shampoo takes some getting used to, because it's very different than most shampoos and really thick. If you stick with it, though, the results are pretty astounding. At first, I really had my doubts, especially not seeing any real change after two weeks of using it. But now, almost three months of using it and now not having to throw a handful of hair into the trash after each shower anymore, I would definitely buy the product and continue using it. In fact, pura d'or also offers a gold label edition Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, specifically for thinning hair too, and I would love to try that one. 

The conditioner just smells terrific and leaves hair smooth, shiny and more manageable. My favorite, though, is the scent!

Argan Oil can be a life saver for anyone with damaged hair. It will help with split ends and dry scalp. For anyone else using it for hair, it can be the booster that you want to keep your hair healthy and looking and feeling extra silky, shiny and smooth.

Use all three hair care products together and you get a triple crown of organic hair care goodness! Because the shampoo and conditioner are both argan oil based, they would be fine and have good to great results when used alone as well. One of the main things for those products is to use the tips I outlined (especially with the shampoo), because I really think it makes a big difference.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I'm very impressed with pura d'or!

Shipping is fast and free with all continental US orders. 
First time customers can use a coupon code for 20% off. There's also a Buy One, Get One at 40% off offer going on right now.

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Have you ever tried using any Argan Oil products for your hair?

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Wow! My hair has been thinning like crazy. I can actually wrap an elastic around my hair about six times! I'll have to look into this.

Katie Crafts said...

This post came at the perfect time!! With the hot sun's rays come a very dry scalp and sad dry hair for me, so I'm looking for something to moisturize both. Additionally, I lose a ton of hair in the shower too, so it's exciting to hear of a product that may help with that! I've used argan oil on my skin before and loved it, so it's no surprise that it will work for hair too. Can't wait to give this a try. Thanks for the review Kim!!

Melissa at said...

Sounds amazing! I actually do use an argan oil in my hair, after the shower while it's still damp. I may have to try these products too!

Elephant's Child said...

These sound like really good products. I hope they take your suggestion about the shampoo pump on board.

Denise Low said...

This sounds great. My hair has always been thin. Thank you for the review.Also Shane says Hi

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This is great information! Thanks so much for sharing these, now I just need to try some of them out!

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I really need to try this out! My hair is so dry and thin that I'm always worried it will get really bad or I'll lose my hair when I get older. I need to start taking care of it now so it will be better off later. Need to give this a shot.

Michelle said...

I am right there with you....I sobbed about my new bald spots and hair loss post one had WARNED me!!!! These products sound amazing!!!!!

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

I have heard of this product but never used it. I am very interested in it, though!

La Vie En May said...

Great review Kim! The shampoo is really thick, but it does work pretty well. Love your daughter's hair, the curls are GORGEOUS!

Natalia Khon said...

This is just an awesome review, Kim! Very detailed! Thanks a lot! I like the oil description, it is very tempting to try it. I might, down the road... I am very fortunate with my hair, even after pregnancy I have not noticed any difference (no globs falling out, I had no idea, how happy I should have been about that, but I know now :)

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This sounds amazing! I need to look into it!

Debra Hawkins said...

This looks amazing! I want to try it!

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sounds like great products!!!

Cheers to Novelty said...

I always hear amazing things about argan oil. Your daughter's hair looks amazing! Love the color as well.:)

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I lose a ton of hair after shampooing! I will have to give this product a try! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca Brosemer said...

I have tried this product but I have super thin hair and it sounds like it would help!

Theresa said...

I have tried the product. I didn't have any trouble with my pump though. I agree the longer you use it the better the results. If any of your readers want to try I'm hosting a giveaway or if you want to enter feel free. Great to hear how it worked for you too. Hoping to keep improving over time. You can see my review / giveaway post here if you like.

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I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard such wonderful things about Argan oil for hair.

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Great review! I have too many bottles of shampoo as is, but would love to try that one.

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I have a linen spray that is lavender and vanilla - and seriously, it smells sooooo good! I can only image how fabulous that conditioner smells! :) I have heard of Argan oil for hair, but I have never used it!

Joanne T Ferguson said...

What a great review! Thank you for allowing me to learn something new today and will definitely be checking out this product more!

Kendra Williams said...

I love argan oil in my hair. Thanks for your review!

Nicky Omohundro said...

I am currently using another product with Argan oil and it's been really good. I like that your not losing as many strands with each wash. I have had that same problem. Thanks for this review.

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I have some problems with my hair.term paper services It constantly drops out. It is awful.