Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Change is Hard {Words for my Wednesday}

Change is a good thing, but it can be hard. Especially at first. 

If you read my post from Tuesday this week, then you know about some recent changes that my family and I are going through right now. Adjusting takes time, and it isn't a piece of cake. But change is good. 

Wouldn't you know it, on my very first day of work, my youngest kiddo gets sick. Just my luck.

She was up all night on Sunday with a fever, coughing and wheezing, and it wasn't fun at all. She barely got any sleep, which means I barely got any sleep. My older daughter had to stay home with her for both Monday and Tuesday. Today will be the first day she goes back to preschool, but this time - I'm not taking her, because I'll be at work. There's a little bit of separation anxiety there for the both of us! 

Luckily for me, right now my older daughter is able to take her to preschool for me. I know this arrangement is just short-term and not going to last, so I'm taking advantage of the fact that she's able to do drop off & pick up duty right now while she can.

So...Change definitely isn't easy in the beginning. And it certainly has the potential to be messy, but in the end, it will all work out. It's important to stay motivated during that first stage, because it will get better.

Speaking of motivation, there's a friend of a friend who just published a book called 72 Lessons to Rock Your Life. It's all about motivation, self-empowerment and promoting a healthy lifestyle for the mind, body and spirit. It sounds pretty awesome to me, what about you? I know I'm interested in learning more. 

You have the chance to win a signed paperback copy of the book and a fun fitness t-shirt! 
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Good luck to you all!

Do you have a favorite quote or saying about change? Share it with me in a blog comment!

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Memories for Life said...

I always love your positive attitude Kim and how you know everything will work out in the end :)
Hope you little one is feeling better.
And thanks for the giveaway info!

Miss Val's Creations said...

You are right, change will be good in the end. It was off to a rocky start but that is ok. You are being challenged. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Sometimes it would be nice not to be challenged so often wouldn't it?
I hope your change opens her beautiful petals soon.

In My Prime Time said...

Such a wonderful blog - I am your newest
follower & would be thrilled to have you
follow back:

Thank you for the link party - so many
great ideas!
All the best, Mimi

Natalia Khon said...

Hopefully you all will adjust fast! It is a usual thing, btw, that kiddos get sick when mommy finds a job... I do not know why!

Spaceships said...

I am currently working on making small changes in our life! All for the good!

La Vie En May said...

I completely agree Kim! You don't realize how great change is until you've fully experienced it.

Katie Crafts said...

Love that quote!! Sorry to hear about your sick one! I hope she's better soon!

Kristin Aquariann said...

Oh dearie my, sorry to hear about your little one! *healing sparkles* I hope work is going well despite the lack of sleep. And thank you for sharing my giveaway so sweetly!


My favourite quote (well, motto, really) is 'Don't worry - it may never happen'. I used to waste so much time worrying about what might happen. Perhaps it's part of maturing, now I know that what will be, will be, so worrying & sressing myself achieves nothing and harms me.


Sorry, Kim - forgot to mention that Kristin sent me!

Helena Oops said...

NNice post!
I really agree with what you "say".
Thank you for sharing.
P.S:Aquariann sent me.

Sandra Watts said...

That is a good quote and oh so true!!!

Jessica Cyr said...

Beautiful quote !!