Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Let Things Catch You {Words for my Wednesday}

You may or may not have noticed that I've been finding it difficult to find or make time for blogging lately. This whole day job thing has me all mixed up. I am having tons of fun working a day job. I never realized how much I missed it. Don't get me wrong, I have loved being a stay-and-work-at-home mom, but I did miss going out and being on my own at a workplace that didn't have laundry as the 15-minute break.

I've been at work for one month now, and we're all still adjusting. 
My teenage son has tardies at school for the first time ever...My 4th grader now forgets to tell me when he gets a "warning" in class. And I experience that thing called TRAFFIC after work on my way home. Things like this have never really happened before! But we're slowly getting used to it, and if I have to put blogging on the back burner for just a bit, then so be it. For now.

I'm going to try to stop chasing after a perfect balance right away. What's perfect, anyway? Balance is found at the right time, and it takes time to find it. I've decided to stress less about my overdue blog post, because I've got to focus on balancing the rest of life first. 

Now that work is in the picture with a day job that's currently full time, my days seem really long. I still have packages to prepare and be sent out, and the shop small business must come before the blog small business (even though I love both equally). 

I've been chasing perfection, and I realized that I just need to slow down and take one thing at a time. I need to let the right things have a chance to catch me! If I stop stressing so much about finding the right balance, maybe it will just catch me instead. I think that would be nice.

And that's it. Words for my Wednesday. Let things catch you.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that you'd like to share? Please do with a comment! I love to read them.

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Memories for Life said...

I can't imaging what an adjustment this is for you and your family! And you're right that other things must come before our blogs. Family is always first! And sanity needs to be in there :)
I hope things start to fall into place. Perfect is overrated :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great quote! Balance is so hard and you are not alone! Focusing on the most important things in your life is the way to go. :)

Elephant's Child said...

The only people who are perfect are those we don't know very well.
Balance is a different matter, and I think that most (all?) of us spend a lot of time wavering on that beam.
Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

Katie Crafts said...

Such a great quote! Balance is definitely a very hard thing to achieve, but you can only do what you can!

Natalia Khon said...

Awesome quote!
Adjusting is very hard sometimes. You have to learn to give up some things, when other come to your life...

Audrey Humaciu said...

I took a lesson from this today and even though I had plenty to do on the blog and in the house, I walked away for an hour to go down and check out the guest speaker in my son's class - Jasper the Alpaca!

Your blog fans will be here when you have time. Don't miss those family moments.

La Vie En May said...

Wonderful quote! I really love this quote.

Valerie Tyler said...

Love it!!!

Valerie Tyler said...

Love it!!!