Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Don't Avoid Life {Words for my Wednesday}

I'm keeping it short and sweet today. I haven't posted a Words for my Wednesday blog in such a long time, so here is one that I've been meaning to share since early last month! 

This Virginia Woolf quote really reminds us that we have to live life rather than avoiding it. So many of us can get caught up in a mess of stress, and during those times we really try to avoid life - whether we know it or not! Peace is something that we definitely want to find when we are completely stressed out. If we realize that we're essentially avoiding life, we can come to terms with our stress (even if just a little bit) and start living our lives. Life happens too fast to pass us by without some peaceful moments. 

This holiday season has sure shown me some stress (hello, last minute shopper - me!). And while Christmas is now just a day away, I'm finding my peace. I'm gonna live life, enjoy the moment of Christmas rather than stress about it, and just have fun.

How about you??? Is the holiday season stressing you out?

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Elephant's Child said...

Love that quote.
I decided that I can have a life, or an existence. Life costs more, hurts more, is infinitely more chaotic - and is worth it.
Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Miss Val's Creations said...

Meaningful quote. So true! Merry Christmas! I'm glad you have reached that peaceful moment after all the holiday stress. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday of love and joy!