Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kids Day at the CA State Fair 2016 {& a Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway}

We've kind of made it a summer tradition to visit the California State Fair every year. We usually go on Kids Day (Tuesdays of the fair), because kids get in free and the carnival rides are a set (and more affordable) rate all day long. 

We always make it a point to visit "The Farm" at the fair. A couple of years ago, there were beautiful flowers showcased, and I was disappointed that there weren't any flowers this year. But we got to see the garden full of awesome veggies that are grown throughout the state.

Now I'll share some favorite snaps of our Kids Day trip to the fair this year with you. Add me on snapchat to see more live family fun! 
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Carnival rides were $2 per ride, all day long. It's our ideal day to come to the fair if we want to ride the rides. We went fairly early in the day (and the weather wasn't too hot), so I was surprised that the ticket booth had no line.

Both my boys are huge bacon fans. They had seen this Caveman Turkey Leg on the news and wanted to try it. They shared one, and they even almost finished the whole thing. Me? I'm cool with the garlic fries. No bacon-wrapped turkey leg for me!

My daughter had waited and waited for this roller coaster (barely made the height requirement), and when it was finally her turn, it wouldn't start. She had to be unbuckled and everything, but they gave her a VIP ticket for any other ride.

What's your favorite thing about carnivals? Let me know in a blog comment, or tweet me!


Now let's talk Back to School for just a little bit. It seems like every school year starts earlier and earlier. My kids start at the beginning of August! August is now less than a week away! My youngest starts Kindergarten this year too, so it's going to be crazy. 

One of the very first things that we started selling in our Etsy shop were our handmade bookmarks like these:
We recycle our candy wrappers and make them into bookmarks (among other fun things). The bookmarks are great for summer reading and back to school! Plus, they're a kid favorite - always.  =0)  Stop by our shop and check them out when you have time.

Speaking of back-to-school, though, if you need to go clothes shopping and you like shopping at Nordstrom, enter the fun giveaway below! Winner gets a $200 gift card to shop till you drop!

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La Vie En May said...

I love the turkey leg, but it's SO SALTY. I always need 3 cups of water afterwards lol. Looks like you had a ton of fun Kim!

katiecupcakes said...

I miss carnivals!! I haven't been to one in probably ten years. My fave part was always the games :)