Monday, October 16, 2017

Boss Day and a Smoke Cloud

Good morning. Happy Monday to you. Today is National Boss's Day. 
I'm bringing donuts into the office, which means I have to leave for work earlier...Which means I need to wake up earlier...Which means coffee will definitely be needed.

Sometimes I miss the days of sleeping in and being only my own boss. The stay and work at home mom boss. But I must say, I like the office and the day job too. I don't really mind it. But for all you awesome bosses out there...
Happy Boss' Day!

So last week I didn't blog because I went on a field trip with my son's sixth grade class (more on that to come later this week, I hope). It was on Tuesday, so some of the fires of Northern California were still just new. The smoke was in the air, and it was so hazy all over. It really made it hit home that these fires were close to our area. 

On our way back home, we saw a huge cloud of smoke near the freeway we were travelling on...And it was in that moment that I really started to feel the heartbreak. You see things and hear the stories on the news, but it's not the same as seeing something with your own eyes. Even seeing this at a distance, it was hitting home. These fires are no joke. 

I snapped this shot from the school bus window.

Coming back to work on Wednesday last week, my office offered an opportunity to volunteer with disaster relief efforts. I signed up. I'll be headed out to the Sonoma/Napa area later this week. Before I go, I'll be collecting donations to take with me so that I can drop them off to some of those in need...Because there are so many in need right now. 

I'm collecting:
* toothbrushes
* toothpaste
* deoderant
* lotion
* packages of socks & underwear
And specifically for the kids, I'm also collecting:
* coloring books
* crayons
* books

Other items are welcome too, of course, but I've learned that there's a big need for toiletry items right now. Since these items are small and easy to collect, I'll be asking my coworkers to contribute whatever they can before I head out. I hope to gather at least one trunk full for the trip. We'll see how it goes...I just want to help. 

I'll probably continue to be collecting these items into the holiday months, because these people have lost everything. It's time like these when we need to come together as a community, as one, and help each other. 

I'll be posting later this week, so please stay tuned!

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Elephant's Child said...

Thank you for helping out.
Could I make a suggestion? Female sanitary aids (tampons/pads) won't go astray either.

Karthik Reddy said...

superb post about "Boss Day and a Smoke Cloud"

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