Tuesday, October 3, 2017

While I Was Away (Part One): Yelp and Me

It's been quite awhile since I've really blogged. I thought it fitting to go ahead and share what I was up to while I was away, so here I go...

Well, it was no secret that I had HUGE internet connection issues for years. I'm not even exaggerating...It was a problem for YEARS. 
So when I wasn't blogging or doing very much online, all I had was my iPhone. I only use a couple of social media apps on my phone - Instagram and Twitter (and more recently snapchat). And I like sharing foodie adventures on Instagram, for some reason. 

For a brief moment, I downloaded the Yelp app, because I thought I'd use it to find new places to try out in my area. I don't know why, but the app was a little confusing at the time, so I deleted it. In hindsight, I think I was just too lazy to learn how to use it. lol

I could've shared how I tried a soft serve cone from IKEA for the first time.

But, in any case, I've realized that I could still be using Yelp and would probably love it, so I brought it back to my mobile screen this week. I'm going to once again start writing reviews as part of my blog makeover. I've missed it!

Back here on the blog I had had a series called Buy It and Try It, where I would buy products (many times handmade items from Etsy), try them out and then write my review here. I only did a handful of these reviews, but I love them. So I'm going to get back to them...Only this time, I'll be reviewing dessert places and eateries in the Greater Sacramento Area too! I'll be using Yelp as well. It's probably something I should've done from the beginning. 

I also could've shared the grand opening of a new dessert place in Elk Grove, CA.
Sweet Puffs Ice Cream has Taro flavor - Ummm...YUMMMM.
They opened in the summer, and we were there!

When I was only posting short, quick blog posts last year, I at least gave a small shout out to a few places (like this one, where I shared about my new obsession with Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates). Moving forward, I hope to share more in-depth reviews of places that we visit and share with you our favorites.

Are you on Yelp? You can find me here.
I've still got to learn how to use it, and I've already got places in mind to visit and reviews to write. =0)
Tell me, what are your experiences on Yelp?

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Elephant's Child said...

No Yelp. No twitter. No FB. No Instagram. Goodness you make me feel like a dinosaur. Probably correctly.

La Vie En May said...

I love it!! I'm excited to see your yelp reviews! I use Yelp pretty often - both for browsing and for reviewing. I like helping people pick out good eateries and restaurants and avoid the bad ones. I stay pretty active, so I can't wait to connect with you on another social network :)

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